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Home and Away’s Cash Newman to face backlash in shooting story


In upcoming scenes, Cash Newman from Home and Away will deal with a significant reaction as the soap opera’s tragic shooting tale unfolds.

In scenes that will appear this week, a gunman opens fire on the beach, sending Summer Bay into lockdown. Tragically, one resident will perish in the ensuing panic.

The dramatic scenario, which centers on Cash and movie actress Stevie Marlow, has been further revealed by TV Week.

Bodyguard Cash hopes things have calmed down after saving Stevie’s life when her psychotic stalker Sidney attempted to kill her. However, he is taken aback to learn that Sidney is no longer being detained by his security supervisors.


Although Stevie is filming her new movie, All Our Tomorrows, on the beach, Cash is concerned about her exposure to potential stalker attacks. Even though Stevie is already in danger, he dashes off to find her.

Sidney has already located his intended victim and is holding a rifle while hiding in a sand dune. He quickly becomes fixated on Stevie and loses concern for the other performers, crew, and audience members who might also get injured.

The incident that begins on the beach horrifies Remi Carter, Stevie’s new love interest, and it appears that Cash is going to be the target of his wrath once more, with Stevie’s life in grave risk.

Actor Adam Rowland, who plays Remi, told TV Week that “Remi blames Cash.” He had a duty to keep Stevie safe. His only concern is if Stevie is alright.”


Tane Parata will also find herself in jeopardy, thus Stevie is not the only one in risk. Tane runs into Sidney while on the phone with his divorcée, Felicity Newman, and they get into a physical altercation.

Horrified, Felicity hurries to the beach to find Tane after hearing about the fight on the phone, only to find herself in danger herself. Will Tane and Felicity survive this ordeal alive, knowing that they are both in danger?

Actor Matt Evans of Theo Poulos has disclosed that “a stranger will come into the Bay and someone will die,” confirming that by the time the crisis is done, one Summer Bay inhabitant would have perished.

Alf Stewart, Mackenzie Booth, Dana Matheson, Leah Patterson, and other characters may be in grave danger, according to a teaser for this week’s episodes. Alf is seen pleading with onlookers to flee and hide while screaming for help.


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