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Moving on: How will Bree and Remi navigate new love adventures on Home & Away?


It was never going to be simple to break up in a tiny town, but for Bree and Remi in Home and Away, it’s becoming a nightmare.

Bree (Juliet Godwin) sees Remi (Adam Rowland) and his new girlfriend Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies) everywhere she looks in Summer Bay. Even when she assures him that everything is well, he might not be.

Adam, 32, tells TV WEEK, “Remi’s putting on a tough facade, but he’s hurting.” “Despite his desire to move on from Bree, there are a lot of emotions he hasn’t dealt with yet.”

Everything comes to a head when movie actress Stevie (played by Nicholas Cartwright) transfers her whole film crew—including the dashing director Nelson (Mahesh Jadu)—to Summer Bay after realising that Cash (Carthwright) isn’t going to leave. After glancing at Bree, he becomes immediately engrossed.


She is cautious not to push him, explaining that she recently ended a major relationship, but as soon as he gives her his number, she calls and accepts a date. What a date, though!

Nelson gladly asks Remi and Stevie to sit at their table, figuring that this would help the obviously anxious Bree.

Adam concurs that Remi finds seeing Bree and Stevie together to be “painfully awkward” very fast.

Is moving on with Stevie the right decision for him?


Regarding Bree and Remi, Adam remarks, “It’s hard to have finality or closure on a love like theirs.” They’ve experienced an incredible journey. It will require some time.

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