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Home and Away hints at shock new story for Theo Poulos


Kirby is worried about Theo’s ardent supporter.

Theo Poulos may be the target of a stalker plot in Home and Away.

After replacing Bob Forsyth as the lead singer of the quartet Lyrik, the gifted musician has grown a sizable following base recently.

Recent episodes seem to indicate that one of Theo’s internet fans is beginning to become overly attached.


Theo reported earlier this month that a fan was inundating him with messages.

In Australia, the situation advanced on Monday’s episode (January 23) when Theo got an unexpected package in the mail.

A massive portrait of Theo was created by one of his fans as a gift, and it was delivered to the garage where he works.

This transpired not long after Theo declared that Lyrik would be taking a sabbatical. Although he provided little information, the band has decided to postpone performances while Eden Fowler recovers from the recent road crash catastrophe that occurred in Summer Bay.


“Saw your post about Lyrik, hope this cheers you up,” the admirer wrote in a letter.

While Theo was moved by the significant effort made on his behalf, Kirby Aramoana, who is dating Theo, became nervous and questioned how the supporter knew the location of the garage.

Theo may have a stalker on his hands, according to the official press description for this episode.

Theo’s actor Matt Evans recently admitted to The Morning Show that his character “had to navigate through some fan culture” after meeting some passionate admirers.


In real life, Matt is releasing a new song about a previous relationship called “Over It.”

He recently disclosed that he had enlisted some of his Home and Away cast mates to make cameo appearances in the song’s music video.

Prior to playing a part in Home and Away, Matt participated in The Voice Australia’s ninth season in 2020.

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