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Home and Away – Harper and Dana Matheson’s secret backstory explored


Fans of Home and Away in the UK may anticipate finding out more about the past of sisters Harper and Dana Matheson in May as they discuss their difficult upbringing.

Tensions between the siblings arise from the unsolved case of an abandoned infant in the Bay, so they take some time to talk about the past.

For those who can’t wait for the UK to see these captivating moments, continue reading for our guide to the sisters’ confessions. These intriguing scenes aired in Australia last Thursday, March 7. It will be a few weeks before they appear on screens in the UK.

The baby left behind


Tane Parata discovering an abandoned infant on the beach has been one of the biggest stories on Australian screens in the recent history of Home and Away TV series.

On Thursday, April 18, this scene will appear on Channel 5 as Tane assumes command by saving the young girl and sounding the alarm.

After that, Tane makes the decision to accompany the infant to the hospital, where, in the lack of any further details, he gives her the unofficial name Maia.

The manager of the gym is adamant that he is all Maia has and that he will watch her closely until someone comes forward. This naturally leads to worries that he’s becoming overly attached.


Tane is asked to leave the Northern Districts Hospital after his role with the baby’s case is later attacked in the local news. This is because the hospital follows stricter protocol.

Rose Delaney, in the meantime, is in charge of the police’s investigation into the baby’s abandonment and issuing information requests to the public.

According to statistics, Rose says, baby Maia was most likely abandoned on the beach by a suffering mother.

In response, there are differing opinions in the Bay. Some people accuse Maia’s mother of putting her in danger. Others insist on a more compassionate stance until they are fully aware of the suffering that Maia’s loved ones were enduring.


What was the childhood history of Harper and Dana?

Among those with varying perspectives on the abandoned infant dilemma are Harper and Dana. This is partially because Harper has a background in social work and was actively involved in finding Maia’s mother.

Harper hopes that Maia’s mother will soon have the courage to come forward, given the amount of press coverage and local community concern.

Dana makes the argument that “some people are not cut out to be parents,” implying that this may not be the greatest result.

Dana goes one step further and says that they would have both been better off if they had been “left on a beach” when they were younger, to which Harper objects.

The candid discussion opens the door to information about the Matheson sisters’ past, including the fact that both of their parents were heroin users.


Dana is irritated that Harper is less likely to blame their parents because she believes they are “too irresponsible” to raise their kids correctly.

She also accuses Harper, with much venom, of approaching her social work in a similar manner, continually supporting and shielding those who don’t deserve it.

Later, Dana explains the arguments for the argument to her friend Xander Delaney, saying, “Let’s just say that our parents weren’t really equipped to have children.”

Dana admits that Harper shielded her from the worst of their parents’ conduct when they were growing up, despite their past conflicts.

The sisters reunite as they acknowledge that spending time together was the highlight of their childhood.

As of right now, it’s unclear if the purpose of these sequences is just to further develop the characters of Harper and Dana, or if the programme is setting the stage for future introductions of additional family members.

When will the UK see these scenes on TV?

Currently, Channel 5’s Australian broadcasts of Home and Away air about eight weeks before their UK counterparts.

This implies that on Friday, May 3, viewers in the UK can anticipate seeing Harper and Dana’s eye-opening confrontation.

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