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Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy and Tane’s new secret is revealed

Coming up next week at home and away in UK, Ziggy is having a hard time revealing her lie, while Bella’s fight to adapt to life without Colby… Home and Away in Great Britain.

Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) and Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) eventually came into tentation after weeks of sexual stress and lay together in the season finale. While Ziggy felt not ready to engage in a relationship of any kind, she realised that she wasn’t able to getting Tane out of her mind after her split with Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) last year!

Ziggy recently had an extremely high level of emotion for boss Justin (James Stewart), since he was puzzled about his emotions, particularly after Justin correctly predicted that the past seemed to repeat itself.

With Tane emerging at every turn to be more and more Ziggy flush, he tried to try to persuade her to give him a shot as Ziggy began to think about him erotically.

When Mackenzie (Emily Weir) told Ziggy that she was staying with Ari for a few days, Ziggy took the time to invite Tane. Before she began to kiss him passionately, he just went through the gates.

But when Mac changed her plans, she was surprised to return to the farm and discover Ziggy and Tane under the couch, in a post-coital condition.

When we raised the action this week, Mac left quickly, without knowing that Ziggy and Tane were rumbled. Ziggy says she wishes to keep things under wraps right now until Tane leaves.

When Tane and Ziggy both go to Salt separately during the day, Mac is very frosty for both of them, as she doesn’t ask too subtly what it is. Finally Mac admits Ziggy she knows what is happening and would like to know why Ziggy did not tell her.

Taken aback, Ziggy explains that after Mac’s mixed emotions, Tane is not only uncomfortable, but she is still her ex-girlfriend. friend’s But Ziggy tells her above all that, since she is storming out, it is not really any Mac business.

Ziggy tells Tane immediately that Mac knows them — she’s the last one she had to meet, of course, besides Dean. Tane needs guarantees that he is not going to be stuck with her and Dean in a kind of love triangle, and when Ziggy denies it, he wonders if she cares about Dean knowing it. He’s right, she realises.

After Tane has stopped, Ziggy wants to know the issue later in the week when Mac leaves the farmhouse quick. Mac explains she would not want to lie to Dean, even if Ziggy says it is no longer her concern, Mac wonders why she keeps it so secret if so.

Dean comes in to Salt right on the spot, and Mac challenges Ziggy to tell him Tane and her… Is she going to be able to pass for it?

Meanwhile, Bella (Courtney Miller) and Dean eventually discover the truth of why he was placed in solitary confinement just after he had been plastered over the front of the local paper after being stoppened from visiting Colby (Tim Franklin) in jail last week.

After Dean eventually decided to join Bella on her tour, after previously having vowed never again to put himself in jail, the two were turned away after being informed that Colby had taken part. The prison officer Adrian Martinez (Shameer Birges).

As Dean subsequently sent a Colby letter to Bella, given to him by Martinez, Bella was devastated to know that Colby no longer wanted to see them. Colby feared the meetings would be too hard for both though he vowed that he would always be her big brother.

For the first time since he was incarcerated, Bella visits Colby’s bedroom this week. His jacket hangs up, the bed is unfurnished, it’s like he’s still back. Dean joins Bella and asks her if she’ll move to the bed, but Bella insists that she can’t – she won’t be right.

The talk moved later to the apartment itself and Bella suggested that she postpone her TAFE course to find a job to deal with the bills. However, Dean shuts down the notion easily, as Colby will never allow her to give up. He paid for the course.

Later that day, Bella was surprised to see a second murder accused Colby on the front side of the Coastal News!

The jail incident saw Colby fighting for the second time with prisoner Joe (Shaun Anthony Robinson), who previously almost killed Colby. However, this time Colby was made with a hidden weapon, and Joe’s stabbing was deadly.

She runs home to show Dean a punch of regret when he told Colby to do anything to survive at their last meeting.

When Bella finds consolation by staying with Lukas Radovich’s best friend for the afternoon, Dean talks with Jasmine (Sam Frost). Dean says everyone has let her down in Bella’s life, and she suggested he has taken a stand now.

Later that night Dean returned to the apartment and informed Bella that he was able to move the apartment rental, both in his and Bella’s names. As a team, they will sort out things together. Bella understands and tells her that she’s not angry, she loves him even as he shares what he said to Colby.

Have Bella and Dean turned a corner to allow their lives to go on?

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