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9 most important Home and Away Spoiler for next week

1. Kieran threatens Roo

Kieran gets upset when he learns that Martha and Roo are snooping through his caravan to figure out whether or not he’s drinking. He turns the tables on the pair by protesting his innocence, and pretends to be insulted that they don’t trust him. The act is effective on Martha, but it does not persuade Roo.

Later, Kieran turns ugly for a moment alone with Roo, warning her never to come back between him and Martha.

2. Roo finds more evidence against Kieran

Roo refuses to go back over Kieran and seeks help from Irene, who is willing to share some insight into an alcoholic’s mind.

Roo returns to Kieran’s caravan and discovers empty bottles of alcohol underneath that seem to support her suspicions. Knowing that Martha isn’t going to listen to her, Roo reports back to Alf instead. Alf is horrified to learn that Kieran could drink again and that he threatened Roo.

3. Kieran flees after lashing out at Alf

Both Alf and Roo are trying to persuade Martha that Kieran is still on a dark road, but she refuses to listen to them.

Soon after that, Alf and Roo confront Kieran at the surf club and accuse him of drinking again. Kieran reacts badly and launches aggressively at Alf, causing Justin to step in to defend the stalwart of the Summer Bay.

Alf is hesitant to contact the police, who announce that Kieran’s arrest warrant is still pending. Unfortunately, the police have not managed to get Kieran in for questioning, since he’s already escaped from Summer Bay.

4. Ari gets an explanation from Mia

Now that his ex-partner Mia and daughter Chloe are in the Bay, Ari continues to tackle his past. He’s searching for Mia’s answers as to why she lied to Chloe all those years ago—made she’s it clear that he’d break ties with them by choice, when Ari was actually sentenced to ten years in jail.

Mia maintains that it was better for Chloe to get a clean break and to assume that Ari had nothing else to do with them. But now Chloe tries to make up for lost time and demands that he remains in the Bay. This forces Mia to remain as well.

5. Ziggy gives Dean a final rejection

After finding out that Ziggy and Tane are in a relationship, Mackenzie encourages her housemate to be honest with Dean. Ziggy tries to put off telling Dean the truth, which unintentionally gives him a false hope that he will be able to reunite.

Ziggy knows she’s going to have to be up front with Dean, so she tells him they need to talk. Dean begins by confessing his love for Ziggy, but she politely explains that someone else is here.

6. Colby is charged with another murder

Bella is still reeling from Colby’s decision to break ties with her, but she is struck by another shock when she sees the front page of the local paper. It was revealed that Colby was charged with a second murder after stabbing one of his fellow prisoners in jail.

Bella is surprised by Colby’s length of time to escape being a prison target. Dean sheds some light on the situation by disclosing that he told Colby to do whatever it takes to live in prison.

7. Jasmine struggles with her feelings for Lewis

Jasmine shares the news with Irene that Lewis looks likely to work more permanently at the hospital. Irene asks Jasmine to try a relationship with Lewis, but Jasmine denies that there’s anything out there.

Later on, Jasmine shares a moment with Lewis on the pier, but her insecurity as she passes from Robbo takes hold, and she runs off. It’s obvious that she’s ripped over the prospect of taking such a major step.

8. Tori gets the wrong idea over Justin

Justin and Leah plan to arrange a surprise engagement party for Tori and Christian, but their clandestine conduct is a source of suspicion. Tori expects the worst, and he begins to suspect that her brother is unwell again.

Christian confronts Justin to keep secrets and explains how concerned Tori is. Justin discusses the engagement party, but encourages him to keep it a secret from Tori.

Later, Christian gets himself mixed up in the scheme when he takes out Tori and says it’s for lunch. When Tori realises that a surprise engagement party has been arranged for them, she’s horrified and doesn’t appreciate the gesture.

9. Tension brews between John and Alf

Alf challenges John with the surf club company when he’s in Susie’s presence. Susie blames John for Alf’s lack of respect for him, before urging him to challenge Alf for his position as president of the surf club.

John agrees with the proposal, and Susie is busy taking care of his election campaign. Marilyn, however, is worried about the consequences of John confronting Alf in this way.

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