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Johnny Ruffo celebrates milestone after the battle with cancer

And Lynne McGranger is on his side longtime Home and Away’s co-star. – Faya Couros –

Today is Johnny Ruffo’s 33rd birthday, and his ex coastal Lynne McGranger sent the most warm message to the former Home and Away star.

Johnny was facing one of the most unjust fighting and talked openly about his cancer trip, which sadly came back for the second time.

Lynne is an actor’s best friend and she has received her husband’s support and appreciation from many others.

She also shared a throwback shot of the group at a nearby diner around his birthday.

The picture has been posted with the wishes of Lynne. Instagram Instagram

“Happy birthday for my good friend Johnny Ruffo,” she titled the Instagram entry.

“But I love you! I love you! Have a wonderful sweet day and soon see you.”

Home and Away are renowned for developing a close and welcoming atmosphere.

The programme, which has been in existence for over three decades since it was first broadcast on January 1988, includes Johnny and Lynne.

Johnny and his friend Tahnee Sims, respectful of him. Instagram Instagram

Johnny is solid and extremely well doing in good spirits, and Tahnee Sims is still by his side with his dedicated pal.

Since telling him to go to the hospital in August 2017, the singer credited Tahnee to save his lives. She experienced an atrocious migraine.

He found himself with a brain tumour at the hospital of 7 centimetres, and urgently needed surgery to help save his life.

Johnny was able to recover from his brain tumour, but he found out his Instagram had come back from cancer in November 2020.

The shot was seen of his girlfriend Tahnee and a picture of him.

He finished the post: “Though I dig deep and again beat the #f*ckcancer sh*t illness”

Through all this, Johnny is so fond of those who love him. Tahnee and Lynne will rejoice right next to him as he proceeded to dump cancer at the border.

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