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Home and Away newcomer hints at secrets as new character Bree arrives


“Bree’s narrative has a bit more to it.”

There are spoilers here for Australian and British viewers of Home and Away.
A new doctor is going to join Home and Away, and like any good soap opera character, she is keeping some secrets that will undoubtedly come out in due time.
Juliet Godwin, who will play Dr. Bree Cameron in the Channel 5 soap opera, has been speaking with Now To Love about what we may anticipate from her character as she reports for her first shift.
She wants to start over, so when a position opens up at the Yabbie Creek emergency room, Godwin adds, “she’s fast to jump on it.”

She can continue to assist those in need and surf whenever she wants at Summer Bay, which looks to be the ideal laid-back community for her.

She initially fits in well at the Bay and enjoys her new home, the great surf, and the kind inhabitants. But as the weeks pass, we find that Bree’s narrative has a bit more to it.
It won’t be long before those secrets start to surface, but how big they are and whether they will interfere with her attempts to establish a new life remain to be seen.


Regarding Bree’s personality, it appears that Summer Bay is about to gain a kind and kind newcomer. Let’s hope she maintains this trait until the inevitable drama arises.

Bree is a friendly, sympathetic doctor who enjoys a good laugh. She is considerate, caring, and as sharp as a whip. Bree is passionate about her career and thinks she can help those in need by working hard and having compassion.
As for when viewers may anticipate seeing Bree on screen, she is scheduled to make her debut in Australia this week, therefore in the UK, Channel 5, she will be visible a few weeks later.

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