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Home and Away Marilyn star’s life – co-star romance, WHSmith heir hubby and DOI fame


The vivacious blonde is a beloved soap star in both Australia and the UK, and she doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Let’s delve a little deeper into Emily Symons’ life as the star of Home and Away.

Since 1988, when she played Anne Costello in Richmond Hill for the first time, Emily Symons has enlivened our televisions with her blonde charm.

She won the role of Marilyn Chambers-Fisher in Home and Away in 1989, beating out Dannii Minogue, an Australian singer, and her ditziness and endearing performances have made her one of the show’s most beloved characters ever.

She gained notoriety in the UK when she played Louise Appleton in Emmerdale, and along the road, she engaged in a number of high-profile romances.


Let’s take a closer look at actress Emily’s life, from her tumultuous love life to her spectacular run on Dancing On Ice.

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Emily’s own love life has experienced its fair share of ups and downs, much like her drama-filled soap opera alter ego.

The celebrity suffered heartache when ex-Southampton footballer Matt Le Tissier ditched her.


After she quit her career in Home and Away and moved to Britain to be with him, he dumped her.

The actress said she was “fine being single” after putting her heartbreak to rest, but after a covert two-year romance, Emily had been seeing a WH Smith heir.

tied the married in a private ceremony at Henley-on-Thames with aristocrat Lorenzo Smith.

To keep their relationship a secret, the actress went above and beyond.


However, the now-53-year-old finally disclosed who her Mr. Right was.

She said she and Lorenzo, Viscount Hambledon’s younger son, had just returned from their honeymoon in Positano, Italy.

We had a lovely wedding day with all of our loved ones present, she told the Mirror.

Sadly, the couple split up after only two years.

Emmerdale love story

Emily is well-known as one of Australia’s brightest soap stars, but she has also established herself on UK television.


On ITV’s Emmerdale, the gorgeous actress played Louise Appleton for six years behind the bar of the Woolpack.

But more than just the work kept the celebrity in the UK. When Emily started dating Matt Healy, who portrayed Matthew King, she quickly developed feelings for one of her co-stars.

They first connected on the Emmerdale set, where Matt’s on-screen love interest was Emily’s Louise Appleton.

When his Casanova character Matthew King had a sexual encounter with bartender Louise, they ignited the ITV programme with a string of hot sequences.

After 15 months together, the couple decided to end their relationship.

It was claimed that their breakup was caused in part by Emily’s training for Dancing On Ice and the strain of her job.

They haven’t seen each other much lately because they’ve both been so busy, a friend told the Mirror.

“And it was the last straw when Emily had to rush between the Emmerdale set in Leeds and the Dancing On Ice practise down in London.

Emily is distraught and attempting to maintain composure.

Fame from Dance On Ice

When Emily agreed to participate as a participant on the ITV reality series Dancing On Ice back in 2007, she made the decision to highlight her other talents.

With her impressive manoeuvres, she wowed the crowd and advanced all the way to the final, when she was defeated by Blue vocalist Duncan James in the skate-off.

After her final dance, she said, “I’ve never felt more confident; it’s a shame it’s come too late.”

Emily later stated, “I couldn’t keep up with the quality of skaters left.”

Daniel J. Whiston, who starred in every season of the popular show up to Series 10, teamed up with Emily when she first appeared on it in season two.

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