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Home and Away’s Jacqui Purvis’ life after changing career and cosy house with co-star


Before getting her beloved fan-favorite role on Home and Away, where she’s been causing mischief, the Felicity Newman star decided to pursue acting in 2013.

Since Felicity Newman, Jacqui Purvis’ character on Home and Away, debuted, she has generated quite a fuss.

The actress and the actor who plays Theo Poulos on the soap opera have developed close friendships and even share a home.

However, she began her career as a dancer, therefore acting wasn’t her first profession.


Jacqui started acting when?
Jacqui may have developed an early interest in acting, but she was originally a dancer.

She started attending classes when she was young, but she stopped after a while and switched to acting around 2013.

The soap opera actor spoke candidly about the transition, admitting that acting has been challenging due to the industry’s high rate of rejection.

She told Stuff, “It’s been hard and a long path; there are a lot of auditions, a lot of rejection.


I wouldn’t have it any other way since there is also a lot of love, amazing people you meet along the path, and amazing careers you have.

Jacqui studied acting with Peter Kalos at the famed Melbourne Actors Lab when she was a teenager.

Where else has Jacqui appeared on television?
The 2018 movie Sydney, in which Jacqui played the role of Callie, won her multiple accolades, including Best Actress at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

She performed in the independent film A Lion Returns, which was nominated for an AACTA.


She has also acted in several soap operas, including Neighbours in 2019, where she played Melissa Lohan.

She first went in for the part of Mackenzie, another Summer Bay local, but was eventually cast as Felicity Newman.

With whom does Jacqui reside?
Jacqui shares a residence with her Home and Away co-star Matt Evans, who plays Theo Poulos.

She said they had a “fun” living together and that they are good friends as well as roommates. She also called him one of her favourite persons in the entire world.

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