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Home and Away star Emily Symons discusses “challenging” Marilyn and Heather story


It is the largest tale I have ever written.

Veteran of Home and Away Marilyn Chambers recently experienced an upheaval at the arrival of new character Heather Fraser.

Australian viewers will have witnessed Heather coerce Marilyn into acting in ways that led her friends to doubt her sanity and turn against her.

But now that Marilyn has caught on to what’s going on, she revealed in Leah that she believes Heather’s behaviour may be due to the possibility that she is truly her long-lost daughter from an adulterous relationship.


When discussing the plot of her character, Emily Symons told the New Zealand website Stuff: “The largest story I’ve ever written. It was an extremely difficult and uncomfortable environment for Marilyn to be in.”

In response to the question of when Marilyn became pregnant, she replied, “At first, I was like, ‘Wow, when would that have happened?'” “However, if you look at the timeline, it actually makes sense.

“As the layers are gradually removed, it becomes clear why she felt unable to communicate this information for the entirety of her adult life. In the end, this is a tale of humiliation and concealment. It is not an uncommon tale.

“Everyone would have said, “Oh, well, never mind, let’s all raise the baby together,” if it had occurred in the year 2020. Sharing that with your family, friends, and support network wouldn’t be a problem for you. So, yes, the times are different.”


Marilyn “desperately” wants to connect with her estranged kid, according to Symons, despite Heather’s continued attempts to manipulate the situation. Will everything turn out well?

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