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Home and Away: Jasmine ALMOST takes off her wedding ring, but Lewis brings trouble | Ralph Lauren

I’ve never met dead Robbo on TV-but he’s listed so much it’s like the sadness never stops.

So as my beloved Jasmine proceeds to cut her wedding ring, you can understand my utter shock and need to type in caps.

In the run up, here’s what happened.

Jasmine sprints down the sand, which is one thing it can only mean. There’s something wrong.

There is no question that her increasing Lewis feelings make her feel bad about moving on from the dead Robbo.

 For this, I’ll never classify. Running outside. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

But there is no time to dwell because the gym is not open—that dead Robbo bequeathed to Jasmine.

Alf doesn’t believe that anytime soon Kieran will be returning, which is brilliant news for us.

For now, Jas avoids her gym duties and skips off to speak to Irene about her new interest in dating.

‘We had a moment,’ says Jas to Irene.

We get it, okay. The script has too many times lost the word “moment,” not to mention the promos working heavy on this “moment,” which is so indescribable, it’s just that.

Yet she’s got questions.

Why does it sound like I am betraying him, then? “Replies Jas.

Jas (of course) bumps into Lewis and they have a pretty mature and upfront talk about how they feel about each other, but it’s not ready for Jasmine.

Have I dreamed this or have we had a moment? “Jasmine tells Lewis.

“For you, I have feelings,” Jasmine says.

Yet she isn’t ready for the dead Robbo to move on.

Lewis says that when she’s ready, he’ll be there, but more on that later.

Still surprised that there is a thing in this relationship. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

Though I still think it’s part of a larger scheme, Susie and John are doing well.

For the forthcoming AGM, Alf is taking all his frustration out on John, so Susie says it’s the right moment to boot Alf as President off his high horse and take hold of John’s campaign to run against him.

“You want Palmer to fight, you have one,” Alf says.

Meanwhile, Leah and Justin are organising a surprise engagement party for Tori and Christian. Tomorrow is it.

 The planners for the party. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

The new lovebirds chat about their wedding arrangements briefly and Christian is a normal guy and has almost no ideas about when or where the wedding will be.

However, they are growing pretty paranoid that something is up, which Justin, who should at least pretend to not be the most uncomfortable guy, does not support.

Tori is expecting the worse as the day drags on and thinks Justin’s back issues have returned.

“You were lying to us, we know,” Christian tells Justin to get answers from him.

“Aside from herself, Tori is.”

Immediately, Justin caves and tells him about a party.

Christian is aboard and agrees to say “all at lunch” to Tori, which is a ruse to get her to the party.

When she enters, Tori isn’t happy.

Everybody begins whispering.

Can you think she’s messed up? ‘Says Justin.

Tori is indeed about to run, but she comes around and is embraced by her surprise party.

They’re here! Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:
What a change out there. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

With just a couple of familiar faces, it’s a decent turn out on such short notice and the majority of the room is filled with extras.

For a bit of alone time, Lewis and Jasmine whisk baby Gracie away from the party.

“With her, you’re really good,” Lewis says.

His phone is ringing. We will not know the outcome, but it will be poignant.

Jas carrying Gracie’s precious boy, the living memory of the dead Robbo. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

Justin really doesn’t make a statement at the party, but he whips the guitar out of it. I didn’t know he could sing, but I do hope it’s nothing like that day, one of Daddy’s long-lost songs at Ryder’s gig.

Really, it’s not this bad.

When Leah goes weak at the knees, the happy couple dance, and the camera pans back to all the other happy faces, including Jasmine.


Yeah, it’s just a fast ploy to insure that we pay attention.


The ring is back on the finger, securely. But what a wild, if not fast, trip it was.

Finally, the case of Ziggy, Tane, Mac and Dean, which is simply a bunch of hype to occupy time because it’s all fixed by the end of the show.

Although the gist of it is here.

Mac thinks Ziggy should talk about her current friendship with Tane to her ex, Dean.

She owes him nothing except that Zig chickens out when the chance emerges at Salt, and instead she comforts Dean about Colby.

Dean, though, misreads the signals and assumes that Ziggy will get back together with him.

“I just love her.”

The Latest Shattered Heart Tearing Dean. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

Dean doesn’t stand a chance, though.

Mac knows what went on, or really didn’t, and she and Zig have a huge struggle over it.

Zig flees to the safety of the huge arms of Tane and he truly knows the whole separation and remorse for making Dean fend for himself while tearing his life apart.

This is a very small town,” Tane says, “and Dean wants to hear from you.

On the jetty, Zig meets Dean, so we know it’s going to be fine. On his (probably rotting) wood, this jetty has a long background of emotional activities taking place.

“Stop talking,” responds Ziggy. “Someone else’s there.”

The spirit of Little Dean is crushed again by Zig and he goes home to drown his sorrows “with a slab of beer” that Alf is really curious about.

Considering that in this show there are quite a few mature subjects, the amount of exposure received from a man who is not an addict with a carton is quite excessive.

All comes out in the end, anyway. Mac comforts Dean, who goes on for a minute about how he’s in love and then he’s going on in the same breath.

Zig has got her life in order. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

Zig is a tension cleaner and Tane reveals a very deep growth of character once again.

“There’s no reason for you to defend me. Be sorry if you’re sad. Be happier if you’re happy,’ he says.

They’re on their way to the gym (this time, Zig is still in decent clothing), but not without an uncomfortable meeting with a shirtless Dean, but they’re going to get over it.

Finally, at the hospital, there was a head injury.

There’s lots of beeping here. McDreamy’s Budget announces that he’s going to live, but not if Lewis had anything to do with it because the Doc was obviously intoxicated.

I don’t know if Lewis is dreaming up this because I remember Budget McDreamy simply ordering at the party a drink, and not even a fancy water.

The Dr, however, reports he just had a drink of bubbles.

“You can’t operate, I don’t care,” Lewis announces.

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