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Home and Away spoilers: Theo reveals his secret talent and surprises the Bay


Theo (Matt Evans) has made himself at home in the Bay, living with Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou), and things are looking good now that Chloe (Sam Barrett) has entered the scene. When Theo and Justin are engrossed in their video games, they are visited by Chloe, who brings them bags of leftovers from the Diner to split.

Justin eats alone with the two young lovers, and Chloe reveals she came over partly because she felt lonely. Chloe sleeps on Theo’s chest as the two spend the night together on the couch. When the noises of Justin clumsily making breakfast in the morning interrupt them, the quiet does not last long.

Theo suggests returning to her house, but Chloe wants to go somewhere else. She tells him about her family problems and tells him that staying away from the house means staying away from Nikau. Since he read her diary, things have been strained with him, and the Bay no longer feels like home. Theo tries his hardest to help her, but she remains depressed.

Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Leah later see the two together and are relieved that something positive came out of Ryder’s traumatic farewell party. Marilyn indicates to Theo that Chloe could need a distraction, and Theo takes the hint and plans a nice surprise right away.


When it’s ready, Chloe is escorted down the beach, blindfolded and giggling, to discover Theo has put up a beautiful sunset picnic complete with cushions, a hamper, alcohol, and a campfire. The huge gesture astounds Chloe, and Theo delights her even more when he pulls out a guitar, strums it, and begins singing…

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