Monday, November 20, 2023

Home and Away spoilers: Jasmine discovers the truth about her father’s secret life


Xander (Luke Van Os) and his sister Rose (Kirsty Marillier) turned up in the Bay with news of their father’s estate – and a lot of terrible things she wasn’t expecting to uncover. After hesitantly agreeing to speak with Xander, she learns about the younger sibling she never knew she had.

He tells Jasmine that his mother met their father when pregnant with Rose, and they had Xander together. Their father was present for every significant event in their lives, giving the two brothers a childhood full of picture-perfect memories. Despite living separate lives in the city, the two have come together to mourn his death – and they’re now wondering as to why they were unaware of Jasmine.

Despite Xander’s desire to form a bond with his new big sister, Jasmine is unable to absorb the fact that her father picked Xander and Rose over his firstborn daughter and falls into Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) arms, dejected and rejected. She doesn’t understand why he couldn’t be her father and abandoned her at the school gates when she was six years old.

Jasmine could never have imagined having a secret family just a few hours away after spending her childhood in foster care. To make matters worse, Xander is a carbon copy of her father, which makes things even worse. She digs up the only photograph she has of herself with her father and recalls good childhood memories with him.


When she tells Cash about how her father would read her fairy tales and let her pretend to drive his car while she sat in his lap, neither of them can understand why he would suddenly vanish and choose to raise another family – only to leave each of his siblings a portion of the inheritance in his will…

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