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Home and Away Spoilers – Dana hands herself in as Harper arrested


This week on Australia’s Home and Away, Dana is compelled to turn herself in to Detective Madden after he obtains a warrant for Harper’s arrest.

The fugitive Dana (Ally Harris) appears to be about to be apprehended by Detective Will Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky) this week as she emerges from concealment and surrenders herself to the dishonest city police officer.

With the help of her sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne), Dana has been evading capture since her lover Olly set her up for narcotics theft from their place of employment.

As Harper hid Dana in her new accommodations at the Beach House, she turned to her old buddy Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) for help. Cash learned that the case was completely dependent on the revelation that Dana’s passcard had been used to gain access to the hospital’s stores.


When lead investigator Madden drove up from the city to ask Cash why he had started investigating the case, Cash quickly developed his doubts about Madden.

Cash understood that something fishy was going on because the hospital’s CCTV unexpectedly went down at the exact moment of the robbery, and Madden had apparently forgotten that Olly could also be a suspect because he had easy access to Dana’s pass.

When Cash went over Dana’s case file last week and saw that her statement omitted the allegation that she was out to lunch with Harper at the time of the theft, it appeared as though a breakthrough had occurred.

Dana had informed Madden this explicitly, but he had not even tried to check with Harper to see whether Dana had an alibi, much less considered the possibility.


After conducting independent research, Cash discovered that the restaurant’s CCTV system still contained the footage from that day, providing unmistakable proof that Dana was speaking the truth.

But as Cash was travelling to the city to pick it up, Dana couldn’t resist using Harper’s phone to call Olly and inform him of the newly discovered proof and the fact that he was not going to prevail.

Unfortunately, Madden had already successfully retrieved the film by the time Cash arrived at the restaurant. Even though Harper and Cash were disappointed that Dana had wasted her best opportunity to become free, at least this proved to Cash that Madden was dishonest and was collaborating with Olly to bring Dana down.

After seeing her granddaughter in the city this week, Irene (Lynne McGranger) returns home and quickly learns that she has a secret lodger!


Irene would have every right to urge Harper and Dana to get over their deceit, but after discussing the situation with Cash, the gentle matriarch of the bay chooses to let the girls stay.

In an exclusive teaser for this week’s episodes, Cash warns Irene that Dana “is in real danger of going to jail for something she didn’t do.” Irene says, “Look me in the eye and tell me I can trust these girls.”

Cash has to tell Irene that she would be breaking the law, even though she is persuaded enough by the story to assist.

In other scenes, Irene is shown telling Harper that she is not the type of person who would abandon two defenceless women and consoling Dana in the Beach House.

But the concerned wolves aren’t giving up. It’s already Madden’s opinion that Harper is talking to Dana, and Cash told the girls last week that he might already have monitoring equipment in the house.

Madden is probably aware that Dana called Olly using Harper’s phone, but he doesn’t want to reveal this because he knows it would reveal his relationship to Dana’s former partner.


Madden stops by the Beach House and insists on speaking with Harper, as was revealed in a TV Week article. Irene confronts Madden and demands that he provide a warrant or leave her home, refusing to submit to his threats while Harper won’t go anywhere with him.

After leaving with reluctance, Madden begins to step up his game by enlisting the help of fellow corrupt officer Fletcher (James Biasetto). Dana considers surrendering in the meanwhile, but Cash, who has already asked that an anti-corruption investigation be conducted, does all in his power to persuade her to wait it out.

Nicholas Cartwright told TV Week that Cash “simply isn’t willing to stand by and witness police corruption.” “He feels so strongly about his course of action that the consequences don’t matter to him.”

However, Dana thinks she has no choice but to come out of the bedroom and confront Madden when he and Fletcher return with a warrant to arrest Harper.

In the hopes that it may save Harper’s skin, Dana tells Madden, “I’m the one you want.”

Is Dana putting herself in grave danger as a victorious Madden orders Fletcher to handcuff her?

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