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Home and Away Bree star Juliet Godwin opens up on real-life relationship with boyfriend


As her character Brie struggles with her abusive husband, Home and Away actress Juliet Godwin has discussed her wonderful real-life relationship with her lover.

Actress Juliet Godwin of Home and Away opened up about her relationship with boyfriend Sam Masters.

The Australian actress recounted how she met her boyfriend 18 months ago at a party and he “couldn’t resist” her moves on the dance floor. The actress made her debut as Dr. Bree Cameron on the Channel 5 soap last year.

“He was unable to resist my amazing 1970s dance moves. I demonstrated my proficiency with the sprinkler to him, and the rest is history “She now told Adelaide.


The actress, who is 29 years old, emphasised how different her life is from that of her on-screen character Bree, who is still having a difficult time coping with her violent husband, Jacob.

Juliet has been with her boyfriend for around 18 months (Image: julietgodwin_/Instagram)

The stunning blonde said: “For a lot of women, that is their life. Knowing that helped me to remember that I’m only acting in a role that I get to clock off from.”

She continued by thanking Sam for always making her smile after a challenging week at work.

Bree panics this week on the soap opera when she finds out Jacob didn’t show up for work.

Juliet made her debut as Dr Bree Cameron in 2022 (Image: Channel 5)

She is in such a rush to get back to the motel room that she can’t even bear to glance at her ringing phone.

In the meantime, Remi (Adam Rowland) desperately looks for Bree because he can’t reach her.

He hurries back to her motel room after hearing the news about Jacob to find her terrified.

Bree’s situation only worsens when she discovers that Jacob has drained their financial accounts.

Remi is desperate to help Bree escape her abusive husband

She is told by the authorities that he hasn’t tried to leave the country and that they will arrest him if he contacts her.

Remi wants to take Bree back to his house, but Bree is hesitant because she fears for Remi and doesn’t want to endanger him or his friends.

A resolute Remi decides he will stay here to protect her if she isn’t going to return to his.

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