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Home And Away: How is Christian Proposal to tori ends in because of lewi


In Home and Away episodes airing next week, Christian suggests Tori, but will the relationship survive with Lewis convinced his wife was murdered by the doc?

As the hot doc suggests to Justin’s sister, next week is going to be an enormous week for Tori and Christian. They can end up at the receiving end of the fresh wrath of nurse Lewis Hayes, though. The next slate of episodes might be the ones from the promos where Jasmine is threatened by the male nurse that the boyfriend of her stepdaughter’s mother is dangerous.

We are mindful that Justin and Leah enjoy the thought of dating Tori and Christian. It would get them ever more anxious to see them get engaged. We wrote months earlier about it, too!

It is uncertain how Lewis engages him with the plot, but we suspect that the news gets back to him very quickly when Christian proposes. This throws him off to the point where he warns Jasmine to how it’s difficult to believe the doc. This will undoubtedly come back to Tori when it is discussed in conversation by her daughter’s stepmother.


Can Tori mention the reason why Christian is giving her a proposal? He is basically the right person for her, in her mind. He loves Grace and has come to regard her as his own. Not to mention, Justin’s life was spared by him. He [Justin] and Leah both love him to pieces and see him as their family member.

We really need to doubt how far the vendetta of Lewis reaches. From what we already remember, Anna, the nurse’s wife, was in a car wreck and she died. Eerily, her death mirrors Robbo’s husband, Jasmine’s.

We Should Think of Two Possibilities

There are two events that we can think about that may have arisen that led Lewis to grow his Christian hate.

Scenario 1

What if Christian was the one who drove the car that struck Anna? He doesn’t understand. Lewis came to the hospital only to tell his wife that he’s gone. He found out the doc was liable after a little bit of testing.


Scenario 2

Anna is taken to the hospital and the man who is operated on her is Christian. On the operating table, she dies. In the accident, Lewis is told his wife loses a lot of blood and could not be rescued. This causes him to conclude that, though he really wasn’t, the doctor was responsible for the death of his wife.

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