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Spoilers for Home and Away — Leah is too preoccupied to see Justin’s addiction.

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, Leah’s insistence on tracking down Susie means she can’t see the danger Justin is in.

Summer Bay is still reeling from Susie McAllister’s (Bridie Carter) actions, but the town’s residents are starting to put themselves back together. The surf competition is in full stride, and John has put his house on the market in quest of a new beginning. The one person who refuses to let go is Leah, who is hell-bent on tracking down Susie and bringing her to justice.

She’s putting together a file with all she’s found out about Susie. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. She found a number of “real estate consultants” on the internet — Imogen Simons, Sue Mac, and Susan McAllister – who all looked to be the same individual who was acting as Susie.

Leah is determined to find “Susie” out the next time she tries the same fraud on another naive homebuyer.

There’s a whole forum dedicated to this called ‘Scam Stop,’ and she believes that by connecting with them, they can share tips and get to the truth even faster.

Her obsession with justice, unfortunately for her lover, is having an adverse effect on the rest of her life. Justin wants them to take advantage of Leah’s day off next week by doing something fun together, such as going for a walk and getting some fresh air. Yet Leah is so caught up in her investigating that she just brushes off the idea… and also fails to notice Justin popping another painkiller as they chat.

He tries to persuade her to stop worrying with locating Susie, but she is dead set on seeing Susie punished for her crimes. When she learns that John is intending to sell his house because he doesn’t want to live in a place where he has so many negative memories, she becomes even more determined.

Leah wants to enlist John in her search because she believes he can help her find Susie. When both Roo and Justin try to talk her out of it, she refuses to listen. Soon later, she approaches him, requesting that he exchange notes with the other victims in order to assist her figure out Susan’s habits.

Leah has no choice but to give in, but this doesn’t appear to be the end of the storey. Is Leah and John’s shared experience with Susie going to drive them apart, with one desiring vengeance and the other just wanting to go on?

Meanwhile, Leah is blind to the deadly threat that is brewing near her home. Justin has started taking his pain relievers more frequently, and he will run out of tablets next week, forcing him to travel to Yabbie Creek to fill them. When he arrives, however, the chemist informs him that he does not yet have a repeat prescription.

He phones his doctor, who is startled that he’s already out, and he needs to reassure him that he’s taking the medications as prescribed.

Unfortunately for Justin, the doctor requires an appointment before giving him a new batch of medicines, but he won’t be able to see him for another week. Panicked as the agony in his back spreads down his arm, Justin is compelled to turn to the internet to find alternative medical facilities and a new doctor he can visit that day.

He claims that his usual doctor is out of the country as he dials the nearest number. Is he about to start obtaining medicines fraudulently in order to manage his pain?

As the day of the surf competition approaches, Justin makes the decision to compete. He wants to feel normal again, despite his doctors’ advise, and the competition is the best opportunity to achieve that.

He goes surfing the day before and had a great time with no back pain.

His back, on the other hand, is acting up on the day. He takes another tablet to help with the discomfort, but it hasn’t gone away as he sits in the Surf Club with Leah. He recognises that he’s starting to push things, and when Leah proposes that he take another medication, he wisely advises her against it.

He’s nowhere to be seen when his heat arrives. Marilyn, a last-minute marshal, is drunk with power after being given a whistle, a high-vis jacket, and a clipboard, and informs Leah that if he doesn’t want to be disqualified, he needs to show up in the next few minutes. “So, chop chop, okay?” says the narrator.

“Did she really chop chop you?” jokes an amused Roo to Leah, laughing at how far Marilyn’s influence has gone.

Back in the Morgan residence, though, things aren’t quite as amusing.

Justin is recuperating at home after a new episode of back discomfort. He succumbed to temptation and took one more tablet, desperate to participate in the tournament. He’s sitting in front of his laptop, clammy and fuzzy-headed, Googling the negative effects of double doses as his symptoms worsen.

Justin is recuperating at home after a new episode of back discomfort. He succumbed to temptation and took one more tablet, desperate to participate in the tournament. He’s sitting in front of his laptop, clammy and fuzzy-headed, Googling the negative effects of double doses as his symptoms worsen.


When Leah returns home, she discovers her boyfriend in a poor state. He’s in agony on the floor, suffering from migraines and double vision, and unable to think coherently.

She senses something is awry and presses him for more. He claims to be in good health, but she insists on taking him to the hospital. He continues to insist that there is nothing wrong, but Leah persists. Justin eventually snaps.

“ please, please, please, “Please don’t push me…”

“I’m sorry! ” Knowing he’s in the wrong and shouldn’t have gotten angry, he’s eventually forced to confess to Leah what he’s done. He really wanted to compete, the painkillers weren’t even touching the sides, so he took extra!

While she’s concerned, she thinks his double-dosing is just a one off, and just wants him to visit a doctor so they can find a better way of managing his pain. What will it take for her to realise a more serious problem is developing?

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