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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?


Next week on Home and Away, the biker gang hatch an evil plan for the day of Tane and Felicity’s wedding.

Elsewhere, Bree and Remi are horrified by Jacob’s return, while Ziggy and Dean’s attempts to prepare for their baby’s arrival go wrong.

Here’s a full collection of 12 big moments coming up.

Bree and Remi face danger with Jacob

Evil Jacob returns to Summer Bay and enters Remi’s home, where he is horrified to discover proof of the musician’s new relationship with Bree. The bad guy finds Bree in her motel room and insists that she leave town with him in an effort to regain control.


Remi rushes to save Bree in the motel after learning that Jacob has come home. Regrettably, as Jacob dominates Remi and keeps the upper hand, things go horribly wrong.

Bree is kidnapped by Jacob

Remi is bound to a chair by Jacob, who then strikes him with a hammer in a ferocious act of retaliation. He then makes a threat to harm Remi more if Bree doesn’t agree to go with him. Bree is compelled to leave with her abusive spouse because she feels stuck.

When Kirby and Rose discover Remi is missing, they work together to find him. They are horrified to discover him in the motel room, barely awake and hurt, while Bree and Jacob have vanished.

Remi struggles to cope

Remi refuses to rest until Bree is found, but he also must focus on his own recovery as his hand remains in a bad way despite surgery at the hospital.


The guitarist’s problems also affect Felicity and Tane’s wedding, as Lyrik are forced to pull out of playing at the ceremony due to Remi’s injury.

Rose tries to make amends

Following a misunderstanding regarding Stacey’s commitment to Xander, Rose tries to mend fences with Stacey. Stacey doesn’t want to talk to her boyfriend’s intrusive sister, but Rose won’t give up and enrolls in her boot camp class to grab her attention.

By suggesting that they compete in a fitness challenge, Stacey manages to keep Rose on her toes. The rapid change in their dynamic that Xander notices as he observes the formerly adversaries interacting together makes him happy.

Theo has an admirer

Lyrik’s profile is on the rise and Theo gets his first taste of online fandom, with one supporter seeming incredibly dedicated.


Kirby suggests that the attention is harmless, but Theo fears giving false hope if he interacts with the fan too much.

 Dean and Ziggy attend a birthing class

In spite of the fact that he has previously been expelled from classes due to his rebellious temperament, Dean grudgingly accepts to attend a birthing class with Ziggy. The pair feels uncomfortable compared to the other participants as soon as they arrive.

Dean can’t help but go outside the lines and become the class’s favorite teacher’s pet. They wind up being ejected, just as Dean had anticipated.

Cash receives some home truths over Eden

Eden confronts Cash for sending her conflicting messages about the likelihood of a future romantic connection. Cash is unwilling to admit his actual sentiments out of fear that his heart would be broken.

Gary, the foster father of Cash and Felicity, attends the wedding and notices the unresolved chemistry between Cash and Eden. He advises Cash to seize the opportunity because Eden might turn out to be the one for him.

The biker gang returns

On the eve of Felicity and Tane’s wedding, the biker gang member Lloyd prowls the shadows.


Knowing that Cash will be driving Felicity to the wedding, Lloyd subtly wrecks the wedding automobile. This is a component of a cunning scheme to murder Cash in retaliation for Marty’s passing.

Felicity gets cold feet again

The day of the event, Felicity is troubled by last-minute uncertainties. She unexpectedly locks herself in a bedroom and declines to go to her own wedding, shocking Cash, Eden, and Gary.

Cash and Gary leave for the wedding together in an effort to buy some extra time and make up an explanation for the bride’s tardiness. The ruined bridal car will no longer be transporting Cash, who was the bikies’ planned target.

Tane fears the worst

Tane keeps an eye out for Felicity’s arrival at the wedding and worries that she will be late.

Tane already knows that Felicity had reservations in the weeks leading up to the ceremony despite Cash and Gary’s assurances when they arrived. An uneasy atmosphere begins to permeate the wedding as Tane thinks that his fiancée might have abandoned him while he was still standing at the altar.

Cash makes a big decision

Cash reflects on his feelings for Eden, finally realising that he can’t let their chance of happiness slip through his fingers.

Cash vows to tell Eden how much he loves her once the wedding is over, but with a dramatic sequence of events about to unfold, he may not get his chance.

Eden and Felicity drive towards disaster

Still at the Parata house, Eden confides in Felicity with the heartbreak she feels over Cash. Felicity realises how lucky she is to have Tane, so she snaps out of her panic and decides to go through with the wedding after all.

Eden drives Felicity in the wedding car, but both are oblivious to the brake fluid that is ominously leaking from the vehicle after the biker gang’s sabotage.

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