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Home and Away spoilers: Tim Franklin reveals Colby’s violent final scenes

Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) has always been a core house since his arrival in the Bay in 2017, so it would definitely be a shock to viewers to learn out he is about to take his farewell to the soap.

Viewer would be made aware that recently Colby has been caught up with a grim tale that watched him rumble along his tracks after he was convicted of the murder of Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak) by Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz).

Sadly, he had a full confession before the court in a surprising gesture on the part of his best friend Willow Harris – and was sentenced to 25 years in jail.

When Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Bella (Courtney Miller) are fighting, it is hard for Colby to figure out that he is an officer.

Within one inch of his life, the retired senior constable is beaten and he goes after a severe conversation by dean to insure that his destiny is closed within – crushing Bella’s heart.

Next scenes showing Colby in a fight with one of his boys that hit him in the weeks starting on March 1. It’s not long until the blood is shed when he takes out of his pocket a knife – and then Bella gets a crippling note.

We did not see Colby involved in high-stakes play for the first time in aggressive scenes. During Robbos final story, Actor Tim Franklin looked back at his time, when his pair teamed up to save Jasmine from abductees.

‘Sam Frost was unreal in interacting with Jake Ryan, the towering Jake. Teams with SWAT, fire assailants, receptionists. I felt like a big boy who plays the supreme dream of the action.

The storyline where Ross abducted Willow, Bella and Chelsea was definitely the biggest scene in Colby.

In general, though, Colby fans are the neighbourhood cop who have always been willing to support his fellow people in Summer Bay. Without its risks, it did not come for a small city. ‘This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world to be the policeman in Summer Bay.

‘I was stabbed, drunk, almost fired, taken into the hostage, shot, struck, punched, shot. Three years of my life was the most exciting.”

Now, however, as Colby braces for a long term in jail, Tim explains why Willow turned him over to the law, his character acknowledges it. ‘Colby’s surely came like a shock…he knows why. She defends the family only. He did so at the end of the day.

After 25 years inside, what does Tim want Colby to look like? ‘I like you’d see a really rough guy, I like to think. I imagine, Jail’s got a way to do that to a man. Yet there will always be one thing in him – his family love and his friends love. More possibly he’d be wearing a new gnarly reality! ’

Tim hopes that his last scenes will help you wonder after you’ve watched them. ‘The idea came to me from our head editor. I enjoyed it so much. Since you (hopefully!) have patience for Colby, but you know the someone he killed. It really lets you consider and ask, and I do my job correctly if that happens.”

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