Sunday, July 3, 2022

Home and Away Spoilers! A Big shock for Dean Thompson as two characters are Back at the Bay

Spoilers follow home and away.

Home and Away are to be stunned by the return of two familiar faces by Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor).

The Dean will have the back-to-back departures of Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) and Amber Simmons (Madeleine Jevic) in Summer Bay to see scenes this week in Australia and three weeks from Channel 5 in the UK.

After the revelation of Witness X, Willow recently left the city; Amber, last year, left Bay to not trust Dean after his son Jai kidnapped (River Jarvis).

How is Dean going to respond to its abrupt return?

Willow’s TV Week coverage will return to Bay for the first time, revealing evidence at Colby’s murder trial (Tim Franklin).

Willow makes a cryptic telephone call to coax someone else into the Bay while Dean battles to cope with her shock arrival.

Later the person was shown to be none other than the mother of Jai, Amber.

Madeleine Jevic spoke before Digital Spy on amber-dean tensions and she said: “Dean has a lot in her life and she’s worried about her son.

“She doesn’t play games with him intentionally. She just has to find out how much he can manipulate her son.” ”

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