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EXCLUSIVE: Why Barry Du Bois’ cameo on Neighbours reminded him of The Truman Show


Barry Du Bois is best known to viewers for his co-hosting position on The Living Room, but the renowned television host is soon to return to screens — this time on Neighbours!

Barry will have a special cameo appearance on the soap opera’s August 1 season finale, it was revealed earlier this month.

Barry meets Amy, who was depressed after getting dumped on a date, during his brief appearance on Neighbours.

But Amy quickly learns that Barry is wed. She still has hope for her romantic future despite her horrible luck.


Barry discusses his surprise and excitement at being asked to participate in the show in an exclusive interview with TV WEEK.

I have to admit that when I was asked to make a cameo appearance on Neighbours, they described me as a hot 40-year-old tradesman, albeit I’m 62 years old, so I’m not sure how they defined that.

“But it was incredible. Seeing the entire set, appreciating the effort put forth to create it, and then having the opportunity to participate and contribute to history.

The truth is that seeing Lassiters and the real estate agent made me feel like I was seeing The Truman Show.


The well-known function Object() { [native code] } also extols the virtues of The Living Room, which he co-hosts with Dr. Chris Brown, Amanda Keller, and Miguel Maestre.

“It’s a very special thing that people choose to let us into their living rooms every Friday night. Very few people ever had the opportunity, he claims.

“We’re incredibly fortunate. There is no question that we are friends, and that is why people invite us into their rooms.

“They’re tuning in because they want to be with their friends; they’re not tuning in to watch a circus or a train catastrophe. It’s an amazing sensation.


Barry stated to TV WEEK in April that the unwavering support of the audience has helped him in his continuous struggle with plasmacytoma, an immune system cancer.

“There are many people who love us, and that’s one of the blessings that has enabled me to persevere. At the time, he added, “I’m really proud to report that I have had some highs and lows, but that love keeps us strong.

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