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Home and Away’s Xander to discover shock truth over car crash


In brand-new scenes for UK fans, Home and Away’s Xander Delaney is about to learn the horrifying truth about the recent car crash between Logan Bennett and Millie.

Jo, a friend of Millie’s, died in the two’s recent horrible collision, and Xander later discovered via Jasmine that authorities suspected Logan of speeding, making him accountable for Jo’s demise.

However, Millie, who at first couldn’t recall what had happened, thought she was to blame for the collision and tried to commit suicide by jumping into the water. After they were saved, Xander tried to soothe Jasmine by telling her the truth about Logan, which shattered her trust.

In later scenes, Xander intends to visit Millie in the hospital despite Jasmine being concerned about his improper relationship to her. Despite the lack of evidence, he remains convinced that Logan is to fault for the disaster.


When Millie’s renewed vigour is directed toward building a case against Logan, Xander becomes concerned. He then questions if it was a good idea to divulge the information in the first place because he thought it would free her from self-punishment rather than prompt a hunt for Logan.

He feels bad and apologises to Jasmine, who is embarrassed by his choice to betray her trust. Before Xander has a chance to speak with Millie, she is discharged, and as they say goodbye, Millie becomes aware that her memories are coming back.

When Millie learns that she saw a message on her phone right before the crash, which would suggest that she may have been at fault, they are further prodded when Xander receives a text. Millie realises that Jo’s death might have actually been her fault as she leans on Xander for assistance.

Xander reminds Millie that it is her duty to prevent Logan from being wrongfully prosecuted as she becomes fearful for the effects on her life.


When Xander visits the police station to get information, Rose turns him down because she wants to know what he is planning. She implies a history of overinvestment, suspecting it has to do with Millie.

Rose rejects Jasmine’s concerns about Xander and Millie when she separately approaches her with them, telling her that Xander is free to spend time with whomever he chooses.

But while Xander makes threats to call the police, Millie begs him to keep the truth about her guilt a secret. She responds by admitting that she is aware of his past of harassment and that she will use it against him if he contacts the police.

Xander points out that Logan might unjustly be sentenced to prison, but Millie says that she must accept the fact that her friend passed away as a result of her actions.


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