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What’s going to happen in this week at home and away . Take a look!!


Home and Away spoilers follow from the Australian series which can be stopped by some UK readers.

It’s back home! This week, Home and Away returned to Australian screens for the first four episodes of 2021, when the plight of Colby Thorne was uncovered, Heath Braxton returned and the wellbeing of Justin Morgan took another turn for the worse.

Fans have been left with plenty to worry about with plenty of Summer Bay drama already unfolding. After the new Australian episodes, here are the seven greatest questions.

1. Is Colby going to take care of the prison?

The 2020 season finale for Home and Away teased a potential death for Colby when he was surrounded by abusive inmates at the jail, but he managed to pull through despite being rushed to the hospital in a desperate condition.


Dean was even more cynical and pointed out that Colby’s rivals would try to target him behind bars, while Bella was full of relief that her brother was okay. Colby was a dead man walking, as far as Dean was concerned.

Dean took a gamble at the hospital to meet Colby, educating him about the hard reality of living in jail. Colby was told by the former River Boy that he wanted to do whatever it took to live behind bars, implying that there was no place for good guys.

Is Colby going to have to take on a brand new identity with his life at stake to survive the long stretch ahead?

2. What’s happened to Heath?

During their initial Summer Bay stints, the Braxton brothers eventually moved away from a life of crime, but Heath seems to have slipped back into old habits.


The episodes this week saw Dan Ewing briefly reprise his role as Heath, who reappeared to help fix the problems of the Parata family with gangsters Paul and Leon.

With Ari and Tane under instructions to carry out Paul’s armed robbery, when Dean arranged for Heath to show up with a party of River Boys, events took a shocking turn.

Heath reminded Paul of being on the patch of a rival gang and sought a brutal way to teach him a lesson, which meant that the Paratas no longer had to think about him.

Heath’s return was so short that there was no word on the screen about what was going on with Bianca’s relationship, or whether his association with gangs and fighting again was lasting. Time alone can say if the show fills in the blanks, or if it’s all left to our imaginations.


3. Is Kieran going to be nasty?

He was frank about his previous experience of substance dependence and how it negatively influenced his attitude when Martha’s son Kieran entered the Bay late last year. Because of his troublesome conduct, Martha had to break ties with Kieran once, but he now seemed to be sober and a changed character.

Viewers learned this wasn’t at all the case this week. Kieran was seen drinking quietly in two different scenes while everyone’s backs were turned. He also shared with the other characters several disturbing moments, displaying symptoms of a short temper.

With his true colours likely to come out, Kieran is sure to be one to watch over the coming weeks. But could his presence put some much-loved characters in danger with Kieran already settling into life with the Stewarts and working with Jasmine at the gym?

4. Would Justin be alright?

As the final episode of the week showed him fall in pain after going to work in the garage, Justin’s health troubles could not be over. Viewers watched Justin suffer from severe back problems, demonstrating that after his surgery, he may have gone back to work too soon.

Justin found the worst possible choices after he was taken to hospital when he worried that his tumour was now coming back. Is that the truth, or is there a separate explanation?

5. Is Ziggy regretting Tane?

In last year’s season finale, Ziggy slept with Tane, but she’s always adamant that if they were a proper couple, they will be a poor pair. Tane gave her a kiss goodbye only as it seemed like Ziggy had made her decision, in the hope that it would change her mind.


Ziggy confided in Justin about her sex life the next day and seemed regretful about Tane’s temptation.

Even Ziggy acknowledged that there were similarities to the beginning of her friendship with another roguish bad guy, Dean. It seems as if he wishes to win Ziggy over, Tane may have his job cut out.

6. Is Tori set for dedication?

This week, Christian searched for a place to rent in Summer Bay, but he struggled to find a decent place anywhere. Justin proposed that, much to the dismay of Tori, who did not feel ready to live with her new boyfriend, Christian should just move into the Morgan home.

Tori showed Justin a rough time messing with her love life and insisted that for the time being, she needed things to remain as they are. But next week, with Christian scheduled to propose, is Tori going to reconsider things?

7. Will John feel joy?

The first scenes of newcomer Susie McAllister, played by former actress Bridie Carter of McLeod’s Daughters, were also included in the episodes this week. For a meeting with Christian, real estate agent Susie came to the Bay, but spent much of her time flirting with John when they crossed paths.

Susie asked John out for dinner, leaving Irene to point out softly to John that he had apparently arranged a date for himself. John couldn’t imagine that he might be interested in such a sophisticated lady, but could this be his opportunity for the first time since his split from Marilyn to find love?

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