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Home and Away’s Justin makes a new enemy at community service


In forthcoming scenes, Justin Morgan from Home and Away will face another challenge as he starts his community service and meets a new adversary.

Recently, Justin Gilbert, a difficult teenage daughter, told him falsehoods that led him to believe that Conor had abducted Ava. As a result, Justin attacked a stranger named Conor and went on trial for gross bodily harm.

He was relieved not to receive a jail term; instead, he received a 500-hour community service order along with some treatment.

But in sequences that will premiere in the UK on Channel 5 the following week, Justin’s community service gets off to a rough start.


When he arrives for his first day of community service, he is greeted by Cash Newman, the police officer in command, who is a friendly face.

Unfortunately for Justin, one of the other individuals doing community service quickly picks Justin out as the cop’s friend because of his relationship with Cash. Justin is not making the best of first impressions among a group of petty thieves.

Justin makes enemies rapidly, and one individual in particular takes advantage of every chance to attempt to incite Justin and get a response. However, Justin is aware that he must contain his rage in light of the fact that his attack on Conor just barely kept him out of jail.

As the day wears on, the young petty thief continues to irritate Justin, making it difficult for him to control his fury. Justin is not interested in being recruited by the guy to steal from their cleanup task.


As the first day comes to an end, Justin is pleased with his self-control. However, a strange thing happens: a note is secreted into his backpack via the neighbor’s fence.

Later that evening, Justin finds the note, asking for food and assistance, and is confused to realise that it appears to have been handwritten by a child.

Is there something more sinister at work here, or might the note just be another cunning prank from one of his new adversaries?

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