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Does Tane die in Home and Away and is Ethan Browne leaving?


In the television series Home and Away, Tane Parata’s (Ethan Browne) life is in danger after being stabbed during a heist.

When two men storm into the building as Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) is about to close up shop, Salt becomes the scene of a terrible crime.

When Mac tells the men to go, she is quite clear about what she wants, but things quickly change when one of the men brandishes a knife to make it plain to her that he means business.

As the two get down on the ground while the thugs destroy the location, Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) commands Mac to follow their instructions, and she eventually does.


While everything is going on, Tane and Felicity become entangled when they go to Salt for a nightcap and run into the fighting.

Tane leaps into action without thinking, knocking one of the crooks to the ground so Dean can deal with the other one.

Tragically, tragedy follows soon after as Tane collapses on the ground and it quickly becomes clear that he has been stabbed!

But will he survive this unharmed?


Ethan Browne, the show’s star, is leaving. Does Tane die in Home and Away?

No, Tane doesn’t pass away, and Ethan won’t be leaving the show, as far as we know.

In the moments following the stabbing, which will be the subject of Monday’s (June 27) visit to Summer Bay, Felicity will be trying everything in her power to stop the flow from the wound as Mac makes it her goal to call for an ambulance.

Dean, on the other hand, interjects and warns her that if they call an ambulance, the police will unavoidably get involved and she may get into a whole lot of problems because the covert poker operation will be revealed.

Actor Patrick O’Connor told, “He’s trapped at a crossroads because obviously the smartest and easiest thing to make is to call an ambulance, as anyone would.”


Because Dean is at a crossroads, he proposes phoning Logan because he is a doctor because whoever makes the call will have to admit that there has been illicit conduct taking place.

“He knows what to do in these circumstances, and it also doesn’t imply the cops are going to find out about what’s been going on”

With no other option, Mac finally follows her brother’s suggestion and calls Logan (Harley Bonner), who soon arrives to heal Tane’s wound.

Tane need immediate surgery, according to Logan’s evaluation. Logan needs surgical materials from the hospital if he can’t be transferred to the hospital, so Dean and Felicity give in to his request.

At one point, Tane’s condition does worsen, and Logan is compelled to administer an urgent blood transfusion. Because of his universal blood type of O Negative, Logan sacrifices a whole bag of blood and asks Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) to administer it.

Tane eventually recovers, and shortly after that, he awakens to meet Felicity.


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