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Home and Away’s Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart rumoured to be dating


Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah on Home and Away, and James Stewart, who plays Justin, recently were married in Summer Bay. It looks that their love has continued to the real world as The Sunday Telegraph revealed over the weekend that the two have been dating.

The discovery follows the announcement that Ada’s relationship with Sydney businessman Adam Rigby terminated late last year, and that James and his ex-wife Sarah Roberts had secretly separated at some point during the previous year.

The Sunday Telegraph claims that the romance began late last year when Ada and James were spotted kissing at a Seven Network Christmas Party. Their representatives did not reply to the publication’s narrative. In addition to their recent public shows of affection, the pair has also been seen holding hands at the movies.

“They weren’t really hiding it,” an admirer stated to the news source. As they held hands, he repeatedly touched her buttocks. Nothing about it was platonic.


Sarah Roberts talks candidly about her breakup with James Stewart.
The former star of Home and Away, Sarah Roberts, talked candidly about her breakup with James in a recent interview with Stellar magazine. She revealed that at first, she was hesitant to tell anyone about it because of “stigma and shame”.

I stayed hidden for a very long period. There were moments when I thought I would never see the light or a way past these intense, multifaceted feelings. Regarding the breakup of their five-year marriage, she said, “But I hope that by just being honest today, I’ll free myself, and potentially free a lot of other people, to be able to speak their truth.”

Sarah disclosed that it was “okay” for the couple to have drifted apart. It’s acceptable for people to grow apart at times… I eventually understood that I couldn’t develop in this specific relationship the way I wanted to,” the woman remarked.

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