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Home and Away spoilers: Patrick O’Connor reveals if Dean kills PK as he turns up dead


Following the villain PK (Ryan Johnsonshocking )’s new low, Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) is on the warpath in the upcoming episode of Home and Away.

As viewers are aware, PK has enraged a number of Summer Bay’s best, with his brutal treatment of Mackenzie Booth unquestionably being his greatest transgression (Emily Weir).

Dean is keen to keep PK away from his sister, but Mac will soon be out for blood after Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) was stabbed during a robbery at Salt.

To Dean’s dismay, Mackenzie finally tells PK that she’s resolved to follow his guidelines and sets up a meeting with him.


Actor Patrick O’Connor told, “I think Dean doesn’t know what PK is capable of doing at this level.”

He genuinely believes that Mackenzie going there to settle with him—or at least partially wrap up the business between the two—will only result in negative things, especially when PK sends those two men into Salt.

However, Mackenzie rejects reason and, with some support from Dean, coerces PK into listening to what she has to say.

However, things take a terrible turn when PK offers a terrifying warning that endangers Dean’s son Jai’s life!


Patrick acknowledges that Jai enters a stage of panic as a result of PK’s threat to harm him. “He doesn’t know if he’s the kind of criminal that attacks a youngster or if it’s just an empty threat,” the author writes, “because of the utter lack of knowledge that he has about this guy.”

Because he doesn’t want to endanger his son’s life, Dean gathers a gang of the lads to take on the wicked PK and give him a lesson.

Patrick continues, “Dean’s motivation in all of this is to make sure that PK gets loud and clear that you don’t come near Mackenzie and you don’t go near Jai. Even though it’s not the proper thing to do, it’s a bad decision.

You can see Dean making a phone call before the scene changes to an old Commodore pulling up, opening its boot, and PK being restrained inside. That gives me reason to suspect that whatever occurs next won’t be beneficial for PK.


Does Dean have the capacity to commit murder? Will he go to any lengths to rid himself of PK once and for all?

Patrick remarked, “Dean’s the kind of guy who would refrain from murder.” Considering what happened when Colby died a few years ago, Dean may not be naturally inclined to commit murder.

However, he’s also likely to go above and beyond to protect the people he does care about, especially if they are his sister and his son. Dean would probably certainly refrain from murder in order to ensure their safety.

However, Dean’s deeds might come back to haunt him since in later scenes, PK will die and his body will wash up on the shores of Summer Bay.

Will Dean be a suspect? That is unknown to us. However, Patrick hinted that his character might become a suspect.

The serial star explained, “With all that goes on with PK, another inquiry develops that heavily touches Dean and puts a little strain on Ziggy and Dean’s relationship.” Time will tell if they can make it through it or not.


Think of us as curious!

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