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Home and Away’s Theo makes a big mistake over Chloe relationship


In upcoming Home and Away scenes that will air shortly in the UK, Theo Poulos runs the risk of completely ruining a relationship with Chloe Anderson.

Justin and John start off by giving the young man some dating tips, but after Chloe asks him out for a casual drink, Theo fears that his chances of getting close to her are over.

Theo decides to use John’s strategy of playing hard to get in an effort to make Chloe envious by inviting Becky to their meeting in an effort to resolve this dilemma.

When he arrives with Becky, Chloe is obviously heartbroken, and when Theo embellishes their relationship, Chloe is forced to leave while wishing them a happy night.


The following day, Theo apologises to Chloe for this monumental blunder by giving her a bouquet of flowers and some sincere words. He has always been crazy about her, and his mistaken attempt to try to make her jealous by inviting someone else to their meet-up proved ineffective.

Theo’s candour has impressed Chloe, so she asks if he’d want to spend the evening hanging out with just the two of them this time.

Theo asks Chloe how she’s feeling as they are out on their first official date because he occasionally needs things explained to him.

Will they eventually start dating if Chloe pulls Theo in for a passionate kiss?


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