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Devastating hint that a Neighbours legend is set to die when the show returns


When Neighbours returns to television screens in a month, Harold Bishop (Ian Smith), a stalwart of Ramsay Street, is expected to deliver heartbreaking news.

After being curiously cancelled by Channel 5 last year in favour of “original UK drama,” Neighbours was miraculously salvaged by Amazon’s free ad-supported streaming service Freevee, and it will return on September 18th.

We are also counting down the days, so we know.

While there are many reasons to be happy, including a surprise wedding involving a mystery bride and husband and a major twist that will kick off the big return, there is eventually misery in store – for one inhabitant in particular.


Of course, we’re referring about the venerable Harold Bishop, who will appear frequently in the next season of the show.

Longtime friend and doctor Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher), who sees something isn’t quite right in the first few episodes of Neighbours’ new chapter, will be intrigued by the former cafe owner’s attitude.

Karl, who is deeply worried for Harold’s welfare and whose actions is seriously raising red flags for the doctor, sets out to figure out what is going on.

Then Harold makes a horrifying disclosure that leaves his loved ones completely dumbfounded.


The question is: What information has Harold revealed specifically?

Has he received a tragic update on his health? Is a tragedy in the making? Is one of Neighbours’ most well-known characters about to pass away?

That remains to be seen, but after a few weeks, Harold’s anxieties for the future approach a breaking point and, as has always been the case on Ramsay Street, he is consoled and supported by his closest friends.

The plot in question was alluded to in the most recent trailer for the show, in which a heartbreaking Harold tells Karl that he “can’t make it stop,” as we see him looking around the street he’s always thought of as his home and tightly clutching the History of Ramsay Street book, which played a crucial part in the show’s final episodes on broadcast TV last year.


Will one of Neighbours’ most recognisable characters ever have to leave the programme if it returns? Say it’s not true!

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