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First storylines of Neighbours “new chapter” revealed!


The first 12 episode synopses for Neighbours have been made public, giving fans a sneak peek at the first three weeks of our return to Erinsborough.

Beginning on September 18th, new episodes of Neighbours will resume showing every Monday through Thursday. It will air on Network 10 in Australia at 4:30 p.m. and Amazon Freeview in the UK at 7 a.m.

The early spoilers for the first three weeks of the show are now available.

the Neighbours cast when it airs again on September 18


As anticipated, the Varga-Murphy family arrives in Erinsborough on the day of a wedding two years after the events of the 2022 finale.

After the passing of her husband Hendrix (Ben Turland), Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) is considering dating once more, while Susan (Jackie Woodburne) is keeping a significant secret from Karl (Alan Fletcher) that will put the two “at a crossroads.”

A mystery also surrounds Harold, whose peculiar demeanour “rings alarm bells for Karl.”

In the first few weeks, Karl will start to worry more and more about Harold’s health before Harold makes a “devastating admission” and his pals come to his aid as “his fears for the future reach breaking point.”


Reece Sinclair, a new character played by Mischa Barton of The OC, will also make her debut. She will reveal a significant secret to Byron, now portrayed by Xavier Molyneux, which “changes everything,” and the revelation of her true identity will “send ripples through the community.”

Here are the complete plot summaries for the first three weeks of Neighbours. After that, we’ll look at all the ideas and rumours to try to put together what might happen in the first few months of the show.

Monday, September 18th, Episode 1
The people of Ramsay Street are joyfully getting ready for a wedding.

A new family moves to town in the midst of the festivities, and one of the family members seems to have a curiously keen interest in the neighbourhood.


Susan, meantime, has undergone significant life changes, but her happiness is in disarray as a result of having to keep a personal secret from Karl.

In the first episode, the Varga-Murphy family will relocate to Ramsay Street.

Tuesday, September 19th, Episode 2
After the wedding festivities are finished, the happy couple decides to move over the past and concentrate on creating their future together.

Fearful Mackenzie tosses around the idea of returning to the game while romance is in the air.

Everything changes when Byron learns a secret about one of the hotel’s visitors.

What about Mackenzie and Haz Devlar? Google Freevee


Wednesday, September 20th (episode three).
While on their honeymoon, the newlyweds struggle to balance work and married life.

Holly, meantime, doesn’t take her job seriously, but because of her unprofessional actions, she makes a shocking discovery.

With two of her pals, Sadie enjoys playing cupid, but not everything goes as planned because Karl is growing concerned about Harold’s strange actions.

Wednesday, September 20th (Episode 3)
After a shocking disclosure, Karl and Susan’s relationship is put to the test.

The town is shaken by the revelation of Reece’s true identity as a motel guest.

While JJ is thinking about something or someone much closer to home, Cara and Remi are focusing on their future.

Reece and Susan are both hiding secrets.

Monday, September 25th, Episode 5.
The Kennedy family is at a turning point.

Toadie takes a difficult decision that will affect his entire family after giving it much thought.

Mackenzie makes a significant choice regarding her private life.

JJ’s investigation takes a surprising turn.

Will Toadie marry Mel in his major life decision?

Tuesday, September 26th, Episode 6
Terese’s business endeavour hits a snag, having an impact on her personal life.

Relationships and the truth about his background are difficult for Byron.

Mackenzie challenges herself to step outside of her comfort zone.

Karl becomes more concerned as time goes on about an old acquaintance.

Why is Harold, an old buddy, causing Karl concern?

(Episode 7) on Wednesday, September 27.
Harold makes a horrifying confession.

Paul comes up with a complex scheme to dazzle his new VIP visitor.

Mike has a significant suggestion to make.

Terese learns the truth about well held family secrets.

Mike Young is played once again by Guy Pierce, but what is his crucial proposal?

Episode 8 will air on Thursday, September 28.
A humiliating confession made by Nell shocks her family.

Poor communication has implications that Cara and Remi must deal with.

JJ’s covert mission intensifies as he approaches the truth.

Plans by Jane and Mike come to a halt as hidden truths bubble to the surface.

Episode 9 will air on Monday, October 2.
Mike discovers that he is the victim of his own immaturity.

Dex is taken off guard by a secret that could have disastrous consequences.

Paul finds out something that, in his opinion, will strengthen his control over the Lassiters.

As Mackenzie’s passion for one particular person grows, she abandons caution.

Episode 10 will air on Tuesday, October 3.
Dex worries that JJ may be on the right course to harm their family beyond repair.

To Cara, Remi expresses her reservations, casting doubt on their future intentions.

As Byron reevaluates his earlier choices, he gains a fresh perspective on his relationship.

Mackenzie finds it difficult to control her emotions.

Thursday, October 2nd (Episode 11)
Terese succumbs to a wicked deception in an effort to forge closer relationships with the people she loves.

Paul becomes more arrogant as he gets closer to discovering the truth.

JJ encounters a dead end in his quest for information.

The episode for October 5th is number 12.
When a close friend betrays her, Jane is taken by surprise.

Ramsay Street becomes more tense as a new rivalry emerges.

As Harold’s worries about the future grow more and more intense, his closest pals offer him encouragement.

Who will soon be wed?
The synopses deftly conceal the identities of our recentlyweds, and even after three weeks, they haven’t revealed anything.

The bride’s identity is however known. The corner of a sign at the vineyard proclaiming “the wedding of Terese and…” may be seen in a scene from the teaser trailer for Neighbours, which was first unveiled in early August.

Unconventional fan myth holds that Terese is engaged to be married to Toadie (Ryan Moloney), despite the fact that the two haven’t spoken much during their lengthy time on Ramsay Street.

The obvious choice would be for Terese and Paul (Stefan Dennis), who were reunited in the final episode, to be renewing their vows.

However, the third episode’s spoilers – “The newlyweds embark on their honeymoon, struggling to juggle work and married life” – imply that this isn’t the case.

Paul and Terese have experience balancing work and life because they were happily married for a lot of years before filing for divorce.

In the extended teaser for the new season of Neighbours, a scenario in which Toadie enters Number 28’s living room while yelling, “I’m back!”with seeming apathy to Karl, Susan, and his now slightly older children.

perhaps fresh from his honeymoon?

In the second week, he will “make a difficult decision that will impact his entire family,” whether or not it is Toadie.

In a recent ad, he was shown comforting Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) and promising to never forget their wedding day. Could this be a factor in his difficult decision?

What exactly is JJ seeking?
The Varga-Murphy family, which consists of teenage sons JJ (Riley Bryant) and Dex (Marley Williams) and mothers Remi (Naomi Rukavina) and Cara (Sara West), arrives in the first episode, and we now know that they aren’t entirely unrelated to Ramsay Street.

One of the family members “seems to harbour a suspiciously keen interest” in the street, according to the spoilers, and all evidence points to one of the sons, JJ.

JJ is focused on something, or someone, much closer to home, in the fourth episode.

Although his research is anticipated to take “an unexpected turn” in the second week, it appears that we won’t have to wait long to learn who or what he is focused on. He’ll start a covert operation and inch closer to the truth.

But after being “blindsided by a secret with potentially catastrophic ramifications” in the third week, has he gotten more than he bargained for?

Dex, his brother, expressed his concern about the situation by saying that he “fears that JJ could be on track to cause irreparable damage to their family.”

The two brothers are seen in the most recent promo staring at something, and JJ is shown to be afraid (while Dex appears to be more perplexed than anything).

The truth about Reece Sinclair is revealed
The Neighbours relaunch, new chapter, or whatever we’re calling it seems to be centred around secrets.

Terese finds some, Susan has one, JJ is likely to find one, Terese finds some, and strange hotel visitor Reece Sinclair (Mischa Barton) also has one.

It’s about to be discovered by Byron (Xavier Molyneux), who is back and working at Lassiters, and it’s going to change everything.

In the third episode, Holly (Lucinda Armstrong-Hall), who is also back and is now employed by Lassiters, is expected to make a shocking discovery. We can only presume that this has something to do with Reece’s major secret.

Paul and Lucy (Melissa Bell) corner Holly in a recent trailer for the return of the show, saying, “I want you to find out exactly what she’s been doing since she’s been here.”

According to the most recent teasers, in the second week, “Paul conjures up an elaborate plan to impress his new VIP guest.”

Reece can also be seen strolling around the Lassiters patio, appearing to disregard Paul.

Remi is oddly seated in the backdrop and looks to be attentively observing their conversation.

The reveal of the persona will “send ripples through the community,” leading us to believe that the character is more than simply the Lassiters snitch that Paul appears to believe she is.

This would add support to a fan hypothesis that Reece Sinclair is related to Harry Sinclair, an ex-girlfriend of Finn Kelly.

Between 2017 and 2020, Harry appeared on several occasions. He was last spotted on March 24, 2020, during the scene where Finn passed away.

Kelly, Finn

Before moving to Erinsborough, Finn and Elly Conway (Jodi Gordon) worked as teachers at the school where Harry was first introduced. When Susan phoned him in 2017 to address her worries about Elly and Finn, he first showed up. He was in love with Finn.

Harry landed on Pierce Greyson’s island in 2020, during the dramatic End Game episodes of Neighbours in which Finn Kelly eliminated or attempted to eliminate a number of favourites, while Ramsay Street residents were celebrating Elly’s birthday.

Later, while trying to flee the island, Harry held Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Paul (Stefan Dennis) at gunpoint. It wasn’t until Harry saw the island on fire that he understood the full scope of Finn’s deeds.

After Finn Kelly’s passing, Susan experienced glimpses of him.

The scriptwriting team obviously has a soft place for Finn because his character continues to dominate narratives for years after his death in 2020. Could Reece truly have ties to one of the most terrible former residents of Erinsborough?

Mackenzie and a relationship?
This was already anticipated based on the trailer released last month, which displayed Mackenzie seeming to develop a friendship with Haz Devkar (Shiv Palekar), who will succeed as manager of Harold’s Cafe.

In May 2021, Mackenzie started dating Hendrix, her ex-boyfriend (Ben Turland). Sadly, as a result of the incident at Erinsborough High, Hendrix was given a pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis in April 2022 and informed that he required a lung transplant.

Soon after Mackenzie received the awful prognosis, he proposed to her, and in May 2022, they were married.

A few weeks later, Hendrix went to the hospital for his lung transplant. At first, everything seemed to go smoothly, but then his body began to reject the donor.

He had only a few hours to live because the doctors were powerless to save him. We saw the tragic scenes of Mackenzie sprinkling half of Hendrix’s ashes in Sydney and Chloe scattering the other half at Lassiters Lake at the end of June.

After two years, Mackenzie is finally prepared to start dating once more.

In the most recent Neighbours commercial, Mackenzie and Haz can be seen relaxing in Number 26’s backyard. The two look very at ease with one another.

When Mackenzie “flirts with the idea of getting back into the game,” inspired by the romanticism in the air from the wedding, it will be the second episode back.

Given that Sadie (Emerald Chan) “enjoys playing cupid with two of her friends,” it appears that she will have to do the pushing to bring Mackenzie and Haz together.

You just have to give it a try, Sadie told Mac in a recent promo.

Sadie and Haz were also seen following Mackenzie while she was moving boxes in the promo. Haz says Sadie, “She’s one amazing woman,” and we can only presume he’s referring to Mackenzie.

In the second week, “Mackenzie makes a big call on her personal life,” then ventures beyond of her comfort zone.

It won’t be easy, though, because she “struggles to not let her emotions get the better of her.”

Is Mackenzie actually prepared to let Hendrix go?

Is Harold in for trouble?
Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) said to Karl in the Neighbours promo that was published earlier this month, “I can’t make it stop,” before standing in the middle of Ramsay Street and looking disoriented while holding the street’s history book under his arm.

As Harold’s “peculiar behaviour starts to ring alarm bells for Karl” in the first episode, the new spoilers seem to corroborate a concerning diagnosis for him.

We can only presume that by “Karl grows increasingly worried for a well-being of an old friend,” in the second week, they are referring to Harold.

In the upcoming episode, “Harold makes a devastating admission,” and in the third week of the show’s comeback, “his fears for the future reach breaking point,” he is “supported by his closest friends.”

Harold is a poor man.

Plans for Jane and Mike are delayed.
Did we mention that there are a few secrets circulating? It seems Mike (Guy Pearce) has one as well.

The first teaser for Neighbours’ comeback featured him and Jane (Annie Harris) at a lakeside setting far from Erinsborough, which was recently discovered to have been recorded in Ireland, with Mike confessing his love to Jane.

The most recent spoilers informed us that things wouldn’t be easy for the couple. Since Guy Pearce was not anticipated to return to the programme permanently, there was certain to be drama. As a result, there needs to be an explanation for why he is not residing on Ramsay Street.

The synopses state in the second week that “Mike has an important proposal to make,” but only one day later, “Jane and Mike’s plans stall as secrets simmer beneath the surface.”

In the opening scene of the third week’s first episode, “Mike finds himself the victim of his own impulsiveness.”

Soon after, Jane experiences further turmoil and is “blindsided when she is betrayed by a close friend.”

When Jane learned that her then-boyfriend Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) was meeting up with a mystery woman, who turned out to be an old flame, as Neighbours came to a conclusion last year, she had bad luck in love.

With her childhood sweetheart Mike, let’s hope that the past won’t repeat itself.

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