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Neighbours gets X-rated as the move from network to streaming sees a steamier take on the soap


The return of Neighbours promises more changes than fans could possibly dream.

Things are about to get hot and heavy on Ramsay Street as the long-running drama refuses to be constrained by a network after it was cancelled by Channel 5 in the UK.

As the serial opera switches to Amazon Freevee, bosses have brought in intimacy coordinators to arbitrate sex scenes for the first time in 38 years, according to The Sun.

Neighbours will undergo a significant X-rated shake-up in an effort to draw in new viewers now that the popular Australian show is being broadcast to the US and Canada.


Actor Xavier Molyneux stated on Tuesday that he and co-star Mischa Barton are the first to shoot their ‘hot and heavy’ sequences as their characters begin a passionate romance.

He described himself as The great-grandson of Nell Mangel and son of Jane Harris, Byron Stone, shares “a little bit of a spark” with Mischa’s newcomer, Reece Sinclair.

It was wonderful working with Mischa; we both entered the situation together, thus we frequently relied on one another. We had a lot of two-handers,” said 26-year-old Xavier.

“We were just trying to figure out exactly how we fit together and what chemistry we do have,” says the intimacy team they worked with. “There’s “faking it” acting, but what we can actually use.”


It follows the release of the first season’s teaser trailer for the eagerly awaited Australian serial earlier this month.

On Monday, September 25, the newest episode of the popular drama will debut on Prime Video in Australia and New Zealand.

This will come after the September 18 series launch on Network 10 and Amazon Freeview.

All of our favourite characters are shown returning to Ramsay Street in the teaser, and Alan Fletcher’s Karl Kennedy can be seen welcoming a new family as they enter the neighbourhood.


Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is shown in another scene lamenting the loss of Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

The series’ first-run rights in Australia will remain with Network 10, and seven days after airing on Network 10, episodes will be ad-free on Prime Video.

Neighbours will be accessible internationally on Prime Video in Canada, Ireland, and South Africa, as well as Amazon Freeview in the UK and the US.

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