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Neighbours reveals aftermath of tragic death story


Next week on Neighbours, the aftermath of Jimi Hendrix’s death continues, and while Mackenzie puts up a brave face, it’s evident that she’s struggling more than she’s letting on.

When the week begins, two tributes are in the works: one for his family in Sydney, and another for his pals in Erinsborough.

Mackenzie, Karl, and Susan travel to Sydney, where Mac’s ashes are scattered in halves. The others try to enjoy the day by the lake while maintaining the positive attitude that Hendrix desired.

It’s an almost unimaginably sad day for Mac, and while she takes a minute to say one last goodbye to Hendrix, everyone knows she has a long road ahead of her.


But once the funerals are finished, Mackenzie is forced to face what her life will be like today, as she also has to say goodbye to her best friend after Harlow unexpectedly leaves for London.

Grant returns to Ramsay Street, knowing how badly she needs his help, and his daughter is grateful to have him there.

And it appears that his arrival has aided her because she is doing considerably better as the week draws to a close. Toadie, on the other hand, is concerned about Mac’s well-being, and he expresses his fears that she may not be doing as well as she pretends.

Is Mackenzie burying her pain, and if so, will anyone be able to help her deal with everything that has happened in a healthy manner?


Shane Isheev, writing producer at Neighbours, wrote on Twitter that the tragic scenario arose after Ben Turland left his Hendrix role, and Georgie Stone wanted to undergo the “whole soap experience.”

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