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Celebrities react to Neighbours’ final episode: “An end of an era for us all”


Fans of Neighbours were thrilled by the numerous celebrity cameos from well-known figures as they bid farewell to Ramsay Street last night during the spectacular finale.

There was a video message from Margot Robbie’s Donna Freedman, appearances by Felicity Scully (Holly Candy), Beth Brennan (Natalie Imbruglia), and many more.

There were many celebs watching Neighbours’ final episodes just as eagerly as the show’s devoted followers who were glued to their TVs.

Scroll down to see the best celebrity reactions to the Neighbours season finale, from comedians to the actors themselves to one very unlikely admirer.


Olympia Valance, who appeared in the final episode as her character Paige Smith, posted a reflection on Instagram from a distance. “WOW. That concludes the final Neighbours episode. What a beginning of an end for all of us. Flick, Paige, and a lot of love from Greece, Holly Candy.”

Last night, comedian Julia Morris demonstrated how much she loves Ramsay Street by posting a close-up selfie of her TV screen. And Neighbours is clearly visible in the background. “Tonight’s Neighbours finale is making my life better. Congratulations, @neighbors jx (uploaded a photo that wasn’t revealing x).”

In this behind-the-scenes photo from their time filming together, Natalie Imbruglia and Holly Candy had a big smile on their faces. They got along like a house on fire when their fictional characters Beth and Felicity first met in the last episode, and it doesn’t seem like anything has changed after the cameras stop rolling “It was so much fun to film the final episode of “Neighbors” with Holly Candy in London. I am extremely grateful for my time spent on Neighbours because without it, I would not be where I am now. Final episode of “Neighbors” marks the end of an era.”

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Elvis lookalike Mark Andrew Tabone, who is married to former Olympic swimmer Lisa Curry, also paid tribute to the Australian serial opera. The performer posted a picture of himself from his time on Ramsay Street and said: “Goodbye, neighbours I portrayed Chris Pappas’ father Ric Pappas in 2010 and an Elvis celebrant in 2019; both roles were minor, but I was really thrilled to be a part of it!”

when good rivals turn into good allies. To mark the end of an era, rival soap opera Home and Away put their friendly competition aside and delivered a letter to the cast of Neighbours. Hats off to the incredible Ramsay Street cast and crew for a wonderful 37 years, the message said. “An iconic element of Australian television history, Neighbours will live on forever. Huge respect and affection from everyone in the Bay for you.”

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