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Neighbours Susan Kennedy star’s life – Home and Away snub, Alan Fletcher link and exit


Susan Kennedy was unquestionably one of the longest-running characters and most well-known faces on Neighbours throughout the years, and the final episode will feature her.

As she began her illustrious soap opera career, Jackie Woodburne, who played the matriarch of the Kennedy family, first appeared on our screens in October 1994.

Because of the compelling narratives she created while raising her small family in Erinsborough, Jackie has been a household figure in Australia for many years.

As we bid the residents of Ramsay Street farewell now that her departure has been confirmed, we reflect back on her life as an Australian legend.


Snub for Home and Away

Jackie initially tried out for the part of Pippa Ross on the competing serial opera Home And Away, but things could have turned out quite differently for her. She eventually became best known as the kind-hearted mother Susan.

Fortunately for Neighbours viewers, her attempts were unsuccessful when the original star who played Pippa left the show in 1990, leaving producers looking for a successor.

Following several rounds of tryouts, Jackie and opponent Debra Lawrance made it to the final two.

We were and still are very close friends, as Debra previously stated in regards to the procedure. We were both chosen for the short list, and following our callback audition, we met for coffee. Sincerely, we both decided that it didn’t matter if the other person received it.


In the end, Debra was chosen as the best candidate for the position. She relocated from Melbourne to Sydney to start her life in Summer Bay, whereas Jackie had to wait a little longer for her big break on Neighbours.

Co-star ties

Karl Kennedy and Susan Kennedy’s on-screen relationship hasn’t always been smooth, but behind the scenes, Jackie and Alan Fletcher have a strong bond that has survived their 28 years of marriage on the serial opera.

The renowned couple has won over viewers’ hearts despite Karl’s numerous relationships and their occasionally rocky relationship through a number of difficult events, such as her amnesia and Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

The actors previously discussed their close relationship when they commemorated their 25th year of collaboration.


“I think there are people, or someone, in your life that you just understand them and they get you and it’s a tremendous connection,” Jackie remarked.

They both make mistakes, Alan continued. Karl and Susan both made mistakes, yet as they gaze at one another, they both confess, “I can’t not love you.” They so pick themselves up and continue.

Emotional “exit”

The end is finally here, and Susan and Karl are stunned to discover that every single person they know and love who lives on Ramsay Street appears to be moving on to greener pastures, leaving them with the most difficult decision to make regarding their own future.

When the couple learned that the Robinsons would be relocating to New York, Terese Willis would be moving to River Bend, Toadie Rebecchi would be selling all he owned in order to move on, and the Rodwells would also be leaving, they were frightened and startled.

The Kennedys may decide it’s time to move on as well and bid their beloved home farewell in the final episode, which premieres on Friday (July 29), while fans watch on with emotions bound to run high.

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