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Neighbours star Guy Pearce reveals how he and Jason Donovan reminisce about their time on the soap that made them famous


Although Scott and Charlene were everyone’s favourite Neighbours pair in the late 1980s, Jason Donovan’s character also had a close relationship with another resident of Ramsay Street.

The Australian soap opera’s audience adored their bromance because of his friendship with Guy Pearce’s character Mike Young.

Pearce has now spoken up about how they remember the programme that made them famous as scenes starring the two actors, along with Kylie Minogue, are expected to run next week following their comeback to celebrate the end of Neighbours after 37 years.

Pearce, a now-famous Hollywood actor known for roles in movies like Memento and LA Confidential, has disclosed that he and Donovan continue to address one another by their Neighbours character names.


A 54-year-old man spoke: “It’s a little sad that even though Jason and I frequently interact, we still refer to one another as Scott and Mike.

“When I’m in London, I usually run into Jason and, if Kylie is nearby, she as well.

Stefan [Dennis, who portrays Paul Robinson] and Annie, who has obviously been on Jack Irish with me, are two more people I hook up with while I’m in Melbourne.

In Neighbours and the crime thriller series Jack Irish, in which Pearce plays, Annie Jones played Mike’s girlfriend Jane Harris.


Pearce recalled his time on Neighbours as helping to establish his career.

There are specific times in life that serve as true markers, he added. “The confidence I gained from getting cast in Neighbours, as well as the lessons I learned while working on the programme, were incalculable traits and advantages.

“I’ve had other opportunities to audition for jobs and receive them, of course, but I’ll never forget this. As we all know, the show just took off and became huge, so I always consider myself quite lucky to have been cast at that time.”

Neighbours, which has been on television for 37 years, will finish with a special double-episode airing on July 29.


Images of Minogue and Donovan as Scott and Charlene from the set have been made public by the producers, but their plot has been kept a secret.

In an earlier interview, Minogue discussed her “emotional” return to the serial, saying: “Some of these people I haven’t seen in over 30 years.

“And life moves on, and we’ve all experienced different things. And simply to kind of say, “Wow, this is part of our past” in a face-to-face setting. It excelled.”

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