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Carlos Sanson Jr and Nathalie Morris are seen in the home and away shooting place


If you’ve been hungry for any more Bump material in your life after bingeing on Stan the first season, then good news, it looks like Oly and Santi might be going to sunny Summer Bay.

A sneaky photo of Nathalie Morris-Oly-at Palm Beach was shared yesterday afternoon by Carlos Sanson Jr., who plays Santi in the show.

“The photo was really telling: “Summer Bay Visit! If you ask us, that’s crazy suss today, if not a cheeky nod to the home of the long-running beach-side series Home And Away.

But, it’s the second guy in the photo who really makes us think a fusion of Bump x Home & Away is coming: Geoffrey Bennett, Home And Away’s director. Why else will the couple hang out in Palm Beach with Bennett* and* not appear on set for a cheeky visit up north then?


And look, if this isn’t a sign of Home And Away’s Bump cameo, we’re totally expecting this to be a scene from season two.

That wouldn’t be the first time famous faces were included in the show. A bunch of A-list cameos include the much-loved Aussie soap that you may have forgotten all about!

Singer Ed Sheeran made his mark in Summer Bay in 2015 by acting as one of Marilyn’s girls used to care for… Who was no other than the legendary Ed Sheeran! Ex-H&A star Chris Hemsworth paid a visit the same year to his former stomping ground. As an extra in the diner while on set, he shot a cameo.

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