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Home and away star Sam frost comes up with her most inspirational confession


It takes immense bravery to speak up about our greatest vulnerabilities, and even more to do so in a public forum.

But, that’s exactly what the Home And Away Star of Sam Frost bravely did.

The 31-year-old shared on Instagram, along with an inspiring message about self-love and mental health, a snapshot of her youth with fans.

A young Sam smiles on the camera in a photo posted on Wednesday Night, looking very different than the Sam that we know today, but it was the picture that warmed our hearts.


If I could go back in time, I would say to the younger one….” she mused, “I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but YOU’RE GOING TO BE OK. You’re going to have the most wonderful existence. I promise, the pain will go away. And in the future, you’ll feel SO Happy that you never give up… you find courage somehow. The light was discovered by you. More significantly, you have discovered yourself.

The actress then noted that her first reaction to the portrait of her youthful self was disgust.

“I received the picture today from my sister….I answered immediately, ‘SO gross! I look awful! I look awful!!! I look repugnant!!! What a depressing moment in my life.’ Then I stopped… I went back to speak with our relatives. For a long time, I stared at the photo… He glanced at my lips. For my eyes. And I was just crying,’ she admitted.

I recall how wretched this stage of my life was. I was Really depressed for a very long period. My life has been full of very complicated challenges. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I didn’t feel like my life was worth hanging out with. But anyway, I got through it.

With a promising TV career, Sam has since made a name for herself.

“Sam’s co-stards went south of her commentary to share messages of support and admiration in a real Summer Bay style. Sarah Roberts, a close friend, praised Sam, writing: “Beautiful girl. Gorgeous mate. Out & inside.

The girl who discovered strength & light & taught others how to do the same.

Thanks for sharing the sun with you. Hey, love you. GeorgieParker shared “Great hugs and love to you young Sam,” and a series of emojis were shared by former star Jackson Heywood.

Not the only ones who admired her raw honesty were Sam’s fellow stars of Home And Away.


It’s sharing this image and the thoughts that show why you’re always going to get through that time with it. You just had to uncover the real self from the inside out, like a caterpillar in a chrysalis.

It’s what we go through that makes us who we are, and you’re always one of the special ones, my friend.” It’s sharing this picture and the feelings of it that prove why you’re really going to get through the period.”

You just had to show the true self like a caterpillar in a chrysalis from the inside out. It’s something that we go through that makes us who we are, and you truly are, my friend, one of the special ones.

Sunrise host Sam Mac, meanwhile, added:’ Love you Sam. You’re one of the big boys x.

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