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Home and Away spoiler: Fan photo may reveal Tane’s fate


Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) from Home and Away hasn’t been enjoying his time in Summer Bay as of late because he lost his freedom due to a poor choice.

Baby Maia was found abandoned on the beach and saved by the fitness teacher; however, he abducted her and ran away when it was scheduled for her to be put with another foster family.

Since he turned himself in and is currently awaiting sentencing, many fans are wondering if this marks Tane’s official departure from the programme. Tane knew he couldn’t run for ever.

He will definitely do time in prison, Ethan told TV Week. Tane believes the system has failed her. All that counts to him is that he thinks he’s doing what’s best for Maia.

After becoming weary of waiting to find out if Tane received a lengthy prison sentence or not, one fan turned to a well-known Facebook fan group to ask if anyone had seen the character recently filming. He will be playing his character for a long yet if he is spotted on site, as the show shoots five to six months in advance.

Has Tane lately been spotted filming? Does he go to prison or is released? In the Bay, it seems like everyone gets away with everything,” the admirer wrote.

Another supporter retorted that Tane “doesn’t go to jail” and shared a picture of him filming in early April.

Fans criticise Home and Away’s implausible plot.
After learning that Tane is probably going to escape a lengthy jail sentence, fans immediately discussed what a “joke” the plot had become.

“I believe he is acquitted of certain mental health charges. We will undoubtedly see it play out with a little unrealistic side to it because it’s TV land,” someone commented.

“He ought to be locked up. Another said, “He abducted her, regardless of whether he took care of the child.”

He’ll get off, of course; that’s what happens to everyone on this show. Tane will just receive community service for snatching a child, just as Justin only received it for assaulting a man. A third person added, “He ought to return to New Zealand; there’s no reason he should stay in Summer Bay.

Another person said, “What a joke, in real life it would be jail time.”

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