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Home and Away lines up new love interest for Bree after Remi split


When Home and Away’s Bree Cameron goes on a date following her breakup with Remi Carter, things could get ugly in Summer Bay.

Bree tells Remi that she’s okay with him seeing his new girlfriend, movie actress Stevie, in new scenes that will run this week in Australia, even though it appears that he isn’t really over her.

In later episodes, Stevie will move her film crew to Summer Bay, including director Nelson, who shows an instant interest in Bree, after realising Cash Newman won’t be leaving.

Nelson gives her his number even though she tells him she just ended a major relationship. It’s not long until Bree changes her mind and accepts a date.


Unaware of Bree’s past relationship with Remi, Nelson invites Remi and Stevie to join him, thinking this would calm Bree down. This is when things take an odd turn.

UK viewers will not be able to witness the most recent advancements until June.

It will be “hard” for the two ex-spouses to move on, actor Adam Rowland said to TV Week, discussing his character Remi’s relationship with Bree.

“It’s hard to have finality or closure on a love like theirs,” he added.


“What an incredible journey they have had. It will require some time to complete.”

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