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8 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (August 1 to 5)


Mac will appear in court for her latest offences on Home and Away the following week.

Theo is upset when he is falsely accused of cheating in another episode, and Nikau has a terrible accident at the beach.

The complete list of the eight major events is provided here.

1. Mac’s destiny is made clear

Felicity discovers a shocking letter from her boss on the day of Mac’s court appearance regarding the unlawful poker sessions. Mac has asked Felicity to manage Salt while she is away since she anticipates receiving a prison sentence.


In the end, Mac receives a light sentence and is allowed to go free with a behaviour bond. Mac maintains that she chose Flick because she trusts her in response to Felicity’s accusation that she tried to dump Salt on her without warning.

2. Mac gets ready to leave Salt behind

To acquire funding for Salt, Mac and Felicity work together. After speaking with a possible applicant, Mac quickly decides that she doesn’t want a stranger to interfere with her plans for the company.

Felicity gets an idea as she rushes out to meet Cash when Mac thinks it’s time to sell Salt instead.

3. Justin claims Theo for deceit

When Theo wins a commendation for his most recent duty, Justin is happy. Leah accuses Justin of writing the assignment himself since she recognises that he looks overly invested in her nephew’s achievement.


Theo later typed up his own homework and sent it in instead, which Justin is ignorant of, so Justin acknowledges that he went too far by aiding Theo. Leah says that they must denounce Theo for breaking the rules in order to teach him a lesson about honesty.

4. Justin becomes aware of his grave error

Following Justin’s choice to come clean, Theo gets a disciplinary call. He is devastated and tells Justin the truth, saying that he actually changed the assignment and wasn’t cheating after all.

Justin is embarrassed and tries to explain the messy situation to Theo’s teacher, but it’s too late because the young mechanic is now shrouded in suspicion.

Theo is informed later in the week that he can demonstrate his abilities by taking a test in a controlled environment. This information doesn’t sit well with Theo, who is unsure of his ability to handle the strain.


5. Chloe asks Tane probing questions

Chloe assists Tane with the gym, but while doing administrative work, she learns how much Ari and Mia spent for the company. She doesn’t know how they did it without taking out a loan or using any known funds.

Tane cautions Chloe that she might not like what she discovers if she continues to look into this. Chloe won’t listen, but she eventually realises Ari and Mia used the proceeds from the armed robbery to pay for their future.

6. Rose comes to a fork in the road

Rose, who despises the continual awkwardness around her love for Cash, considers leaving Summer Bay. This occurs right before Xander and Rose plan to move into the pier apartment together, establishing their new beginning in Summer Bay.

Rose ultimately chooses to stay, but she makes a move in the right direction by accepting a date with handsome newcomer Tex. Tex is like a breath of fresh air, and Rose says it’s time to start a new chapter, which raises Xander’s doubts.

7. Nikau sustains harm

Due to a first aid incident on the beach, Nikau will have another busy day at work. He treads on a sea urchin by accident while attempting to get the surfer’s board. John is adamant that Nikau needs to visit the hospital to be examined.

Naomi, who turns out to be a hospital nurse, finds up caring for Nikau. As Nikau and Naomi spend more time together, John detects a growing warmth between them and wonders if it might turn into something more.


8. Tex runs into issues with Marilyn

When Tex the handyman arrives late for a shift, Marilyn gets furious. John argues in Tex’s favour by pointing out how he selflessly assisted with the first aid situation on the beach.

The more Tex exposes that he has previously finished all of the tasks on Marilyn’s list, the more Marilyn realises she may have misunderstood Tex’s work ethic.

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