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Neighbours hints at Ramsay Street exodus as finale week continues


Everyone needs nice neighbours, but the Ramsay Street homeowners don’t seem to have heard that.

The long-running soap has hinted that majority of the people on the Street will soon be leaving for good in order to build up its series finale plotline.

On Tuesday’s Channel 5 show, a number of Erinsborough families made the decision to emigrate.

Popular pair David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan may be joining Paul Robinson in New York, casting doubt on their future at Number 32.


Nicolette Stone, despite her recent happiness with her new fiancée Kiri Durant, ultimately decided to join them with baby Isla. With their lives taking divergent paths, Nicolette and Kiri had a heart-to-heart and decided they wouldn’t hold each other back.

Terese Willis decided to buy River Bend and relocate there permanently with her companion Glen Donnelly, and she did the same when Number 32 was put on the market. She then did the same with Number 22.

In another place, Toadie Rebecchi made the announcement that he would soon be saying farewell to Number 30 in order to begin his married life with Melanie Pearson with a clean slate.

Even the Rodwell family, who have only lived on the Street for a few weeks, abruptly declared that it was time to leave and went to real estate agent Paige Smith for an appraisal.


Chloe Brennan put Number 24 on the market last week after deciding to move out on her own.

In the last moments of Tuesday’s episode, Susan and Karl Kennedy were found on Ramsay Street amid for-sale signs.

As Susan is forced to consider parting ways with her closest friends, this sets the stage for poignant sequences in the upcoming Neighbours finale.

Jane gives Mike a tour of all the Ramsay Street homes before they are put up for auction, according to the official plot summary for the season finale.


“Harold requests that Karl and Susan look after the history book. Susan battles with her emotions when her dear neighbours and friends go.

Will everyone carry out their outlined actions?

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