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8 home and away spoilers that you don’t want to miss!


On this week’s episode of Home and Away, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) goes to Salt to pick up a letter that has been delivered to her and is stunned by what she finds inside. Justin (James Stewart), meantime, realises he must be honest about doing Theo’s (Matt Evans) work for him, but his actions have terrible consequences.

Meanwhile, Rose (Kirsty Marillier), who is still fixated with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), is preoccupied with him until she gets sidetracked by an attractive outsider. Additionally, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is surprised to learn he needs emergency surgery, and Marilyn (Emily Symons) loses patience with Tex (Lucas Linehan) when he goes MIA.

Here is the schedule for the week starting on Monday, August 1.

Mackenzie departs Felicity Salt, assuming that she is going to jail

Tane tells Felicity to wait for an update while she sits and worries about Mackenzie’s punishment, but Felicity is unable to control her anxiety. Tane hands her a note that is addressed to her as she is setting up the bar before heading to work. As Felicity reads the letter’s contents, her worry goes into overdrive since Mackenzie is telling her that she is the new manager of Salt because, if she is reading the letter, she is most likely imprisoned. Felicity feels overburdened; how is it possible for her to go from working as a waiter to managing a company overnight?


Justin’s assignment-cheating scandal is discovered by Leah

Justin is curious to know how Theo did on his TAFE assignment. He punches the air gleefully after hearing that Theo received a distinction. Leah queries how much of the task Justin worked on as she starts to scent a rat. Justin quickly reverses course, but it’s too late. He is caught! Leah demands that Justin contact TAFE to confess since she is indignant that Justin would encourage Theo to cheat. The idea mortifies Justin, but Leah is adamant that they must be an example of honesty for Theo.

Chloe wonders how Ari and Mia were able to afford the gym

Chloe is fitting into her new position as the gym’s administrative assistant, rolling out remarkable new software, and finding new meaning in life. Tane is delighted to have assistance and to finally be free of administrative responsibilities. Chloe finds the original sale contract while searching through the office’s filing cabinet, but she is perplexed by what it says. It claims that Ari and Mia paid cash for the gym, although Mia didn’t have any savings growing up, and Ari had even less. How were they able to finance this purchase? Chloe is immediately suspicious when Tane refuses to speak.

Justin’s attempts to be honest fail miserably

Leah has persuaded Justin that he needs to inform TAFE that he wrote Theo’s project, and as she heads out for her shift at the diner, a dejected Justin contacts the number to confess. Theo receives a call from his tutor as he and Chloe are later celebrating his grade. The news that he is under investigation for infidelity has stunned him. He approaches Justin and Leah in a rage. He is questioned by the two about why he thinks it is OK to turn in someone else’s work. Theo responds: “I didn’t; when I finished the project, Justin started again from scratch.” He earned the distinction for which he is being honoured on his own! Leah and Justin exchange looks, wondering what they did.

A charming stranger surprises Rose and shocks her

Rose continues to lead a strange life where she frequently encounters Cash and must stay away from him because of the growing tension from their drunken night together in her car. After admitting she has affections for her sister’s boyfriend but is keeping them hidden out of respect for Jasmine, Xander feels bad for his sister. She gets distracted as she strolls along the beach when she is stopped by a stranger who introduces himself as Tex. She declines his offer to go out for coffee right away. He smiles and acknowledges her choice before leaving. Despite her difficulties, Rose can’t help but take care of him while wondering who that charming guy was.


Nikau was injured by a sea urchin and transported to the hospital

Since Bella left for New York, Nikau has been dealing with her absence, but when he falls on something sharp in the water while helping a lifeguard, his predicament worsens. When John notices the foot injury, he informs him that it was caused by a sea urchin and that he needs to get to the hospital straight away. Nikau grudgingly enters, but it doesn’t take long for his situation to get worse. He experiences nausea, agony, and an X-Ray before learning he needs surgery and becoming anxious.

Marilyn becomes frustrated with Tex’s slack work ethic

The RV park and bait shop both need a lot of work done, so Marilyn is on edge throughout her morning shift at the diner as she waits for Tex to show up. He, however, is not present. Irene urges Marilyn to calm down and stop being so hard on her handyman, but as time passes and he remains missing, Marilyn decides to terminate him. Tex was hauling an injured swimmer out of the sea as Nikau and John assisted him in a rescue while he was on the shore. Is Tex about to be fired before his supervisor learns the truth about his absence, unaware that Marilyn is on the attack?

As Mackenzie’s debt issues persist, she chooses to sell Salt.

Felicity claims to have an idea as Mackenzie struggles to find a legal solution to her debt issues. Look at what happened the last time Mackenzie adopted one of her ideas to see why she isn’t too keen. Finding an investor, though, is Felicity’s suggestion. Her debt issues will be resolved if they can bring on someone with spending money to spare! Mackenzie realises she would essentially be handing over the company to a wealthy investor who would transform Salt into something she doesn’t recognise after giving it some thought and chatting with several potential connections. She reluctantly realises that selling the restaurant is her only option for moving forward. Is Mackenzie’s business over now?

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