Sunday, April 21, 2024

Neighbours UK Farewell Brings In 3 Million Eyeballs Pummelling Aussie Final Numbers


Although the Neighbours finale may have won the night in Australia, it almost dominated British television.

With 873,000 viewers on 10, the long-running soap opera’s conclusion outperformed the competition in Australia. However, it had more than three times as many views in the UK.

A reported 2.5 million people watched the farewell that marked the end of 37 years of drama, and it apparently peaked at nearly 3 million people.

Some of the crowd’s favourites, including Kylie, were brought back for the grand finale. Who then would want to miss it?


It’s nothing new for the UK to love its neighbours more than Australians. Neighbours is reportedly more well-liked abroad than it is in its home country. Therefore, it was perhaps a foregone conclusion that more English viewers than Australian viewers tuned in to say goodbye.

Regardless of where you reside, I believe that everyone has learned that neighbours will always look out for one another.

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