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“Tane goes into survival mode”: Lives are on the line during a dramatic shoot-out on Home and Away


Fans of “Home and Away,” take a deep breath. This week, someone might not survive.

Tane (Ethan Browne) starts to perspire as he is surrounded by tough bikies in a remote warehouse. He poses as wanting to talk business with Marty (Ben Wood) and Tex (Lucas Linehan), but his true goal is to covertly record a confession from the bikers about utilising his gym to launder their illegal gains.

Police officers Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) are present outside and are listening in through an earphone.

The risky situation is described as “a full-on raid,” but Nicholas emphasises that Cash and Rose must exercise extreme caution.


Tane and Rose, who is still seeing Tex in order to learn more about him, came up with a strategy earlier to take down the gang. Tane’s bold action might win him his freedom or it might cost him dearly.

“Tane initially consents to buy time to come up with a strategy to stop the gang. He poses as helpful so they won’t become suspicious “explains Ethan, 31, to TV WEEK.

However, the gang has threatened to attack his family if he disobeys, so he takes all possible precautions to avoid that.

Tane’s partner Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) are concerned back in Summer Bay. Tane has vanished and is not returning their calls. Utilizing the Find My Phone tracker app is Nikau’s suggestion.


They rush to assist him as his phone follows his uncle to the bikie headquarters. Are they, however, stepping into a trap?

The bikies start to have suspicions as Tane tries to get the data he needs. Tex, however, exaggerates their illicit behaviour and is overconfident.

Just before Nikau storms in, Rose manages to signal the raid.

Ethan explains that Tane must immediately enter survival mode. “There is absolute mayhem.”


The bikies are terrified by distant sirens and are captured when the police swoop. Tane fights to keep his loved ones safe in the chaos as Rose and Cash go after Tex and Marty as they run away.

Lucas enthuses, “Filming the raid was such fun.”

“The setting needed to be even more tightly managed than usual because there were so many moving parts and it was a hectic situation. Stunt drivers, armourers for weapons—you name it—were there!”

The bikies pull their weapons as the police pursuit continues. Cash and Rose seek safety while Tane and Nikau depart. But when a shot is fired and someone collapses to the ground, it’s too late for one of the characters.

Who was injured?

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