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Home and Away spoiler: fugitive Dana out of hiding!


This week’s confrontation between Cash and Madden takes a risky turn when Dana is taken into custody.

She is now in the clutches of a dishonest police officer.

Nicholas Cartwright’s character Cash has begged the Anti-Corruption Board to give him a chance to speak.

Although he can’t prove it yet, he knows that investigator Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky) is a mystery man.


When Dana (Ally Harris), who is wanted on drug charges for which she is innocent, admitted that her statement lacked her alibi, the policeman started to suspect something.

Something she confided in Madden alone.

Nicholas tells TV WEEK that there are “cash clues onto the many discrepancies in Madden’s investigation.”

“Red flag after red flag after that.”


“I don’t think Cash realises just how much Madden is prepared to sacrifice.”

When Irene (Lynne McGranger) finds out about Harper’s (Jessica Redmayne) stowaway sister the next day, things get worse.

Not long afterwards, Madden shows up at Irene’s home needing to see Harper immediately.

As the sisters get ready to accept their destiny, Irene makes a decision and instructs Madden to go or obtain a warrant.


Cash shows up to ease the tension at Irene’s as Madden manipulates Fletcher (James Biasetto), another dishonest colleague.

Dana considers telling, but Cash tells them to hold on because he thinks he can finally bring Madden to light.

Nicholas claims that Cash “simply isn’t willing to stand by and witness police corruption.”

It doesn’t matter to him what happens because he is so passionate about what he is doing.

However, it might be too little, too late for the siblings despite all of his efforts. Madden is on his way to Harper after obtaining a warrant.

Dana emerges from hiding to help her older sister, and Madden makes his valiant arrest. Has Dana committed a grave error?


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