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10 huge Home and Away spoilers including a lot of dramas to follow


The spotlight this week in Summer Bay is based on the murder trial of Colby (Tim Franklin). Witness X has been revealed, and he’s the last guy anybody can suspect. To make matters worse, when Colby takes the stand, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Bella (Courtney Miller) look on in horror. What is he planning?

Elsewhere, in his life, Alf (RayMeagher) is having trouble with two women. The dating app will not deter Marilyn (Emily Symons) from using it, hiding the facts of why she’s on it. Plus, as her past is brought up, Martha (Belinda Giblin) becomes uncomfortable and then she receives a cryptic letter. Who’s Kieran, and why does he have to talk to her?

The Paratas appear to have issues with the drug gang, so Mackenzie (Emily Weir) quietly makes a sacrifice. Justin (James Stewart) also can not feel his legs in the hospital, leading to Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey) clashing over his prospects for surgery.

Finally, the pair share some chemistry as Tane (Ethan Browne) goes to Ziggy’s (Sophie Dillman) place to support her with work. Are we going to see the next pair from Summer Bay?


Witness X is disclosed in the trial of Colby

It’s Colby’s trial day, and everyone is waiting outside the courtroom for the mystery witness. When it’s time to go home, for the first part, Willow (Sarah Roberts) says she’ll hang out with Bella to stop her from seeing images of the murder of her father.

The trial opens with a bombshell that Colby was caught on camera confessing to the murder of Ross (Justin Rosniak). Beginning to know who the witness is, when Willow approaches to testify against her best friend, Colby is dismayed. Dean and Bella are left shocked at how they were deceived by their mate. Will she be the reason Colby gets sent down?

The Colby Term is revealed


As the trial resumed, in the wake of his recorded confession and Willow’s testimony, Colby made a decision. To the wishes of his lawyer, he goes up to the stand and confesses. Ross Nixon was assassinated by him. Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) is in shock, Bella is frightened, and Dean plans to make his own confession about his involvement. A brief look from Colby, though, precludes him from speaking up. The judge quickly sentences him to 25 years in prison, and the Bay is left in a state of disbelief when the numb Colby is pushed to his new life by the authorities…

Marilyn conceals the truth of why she’s on a dating app

The frequent pinging starts to irritate Alf and Irene when Marilyn tries to use the same dating service that John is on (Lynne McGranger). Is it that she learned about John (Shane Withington)? In the Diner, Irene asks her about why she’s on it? While she denies it, Alf informs Irene later that Ryder (Lukas Radovich) confirmed the true reason of Marilyn to him-all it’s because of John. She runs outside while Irene again threatens Marilyn. Roo (Georgie Parker) goes with her for a stroll, and Marilyn insists the app will be removed. She secretly keeps it on her computer, though. What does she hide?

Can their friendship be rekindled by Taylor and Angelo?


Taylor joins Salt after the trial to discover Angelo (Lucas Jacobz) drinking by himself. She braces herself for how he was right about his gloating, but instead he clearly wonders if she’s okay. When he admits the result didn’t leave him feeling as good as he thought, Taylor is shocked. She decides to get a beer to accompany him. Is this a hint that the couple are on the way to their fractured marriage recovery?

Justin is lashing out on his loved ones

On Grace’s Birthday party and losing feeling in his legs, Justin is hollowed up in the ward, both terrified and exasperated. His feelings well up, causing him, through her efforts to stay optimistic and supportive, to lash out at Leah (Ada Nicodemou). The one person who is in his shoes goes to see him, John, as he appears to have no ability to lift his legs. The outcome of a long argument between the two is that John advises Justin not to drive away those who care. As Justin begins to deal with the idea that he will never walk again, will he be able to follow the advice of John, though?

For Paratas, Mackenzie makes a sacrifice for

The friction over the continuing threat from Paul and the drug gang persists in the Parata household. Mackenzie is beginning to feel overwhelmed by the strain, and agrees to sign her car over to pay off her debt. Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) is convinced that she wants to stay out of this, and after their argument, Mackenzie still refuses to sit down, storming out. Tane says that at least they should accept the proposition from Mac, but Ari is disgusted with him and assures Mac again that she’s not going to get involved. Though Mac insists she’s trying to stay out of it, she calls Paul secretly and arranges to meet up…

Dean disintegrates and transforms to Ziggy


Now that Colby has been eventually sent down for the murder of Ross, Dean is dealing with the abrupt turn his life took. It’s just him and Bella in the kitchen, trying to digest the fact that for decades Colby won’t be back, and Willow is uncovering his secret behind him. The two want to see Colby, but at the prison door, they’re driven away. Dean bails, with Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) leaving Bella, and Ziggy later finds him on the sand. She attempts to appeal to him, but she doesn’t get far and leaves.

Dean turns to drink, getting cut off at Salt finally and causing trouble in the pub. Bella promptly throws her out as Ziggy goes to the Pier Apartment to offer her assistance. Ziggy, however, is later faced with a drunk Dean turning up at her door, saying he wants her…

Willow and Ryder are making preparations for the Bay to leave

Willow is left wondering what the future holds in the wake of Colby’s trial. She knows that she can’t stay in the Bay safely, exposed to Dean’s and Bella’s wrath after her deception. Willow takes a tough decision, concluding that she needs to abandon the bay. She loads her car up that night and says farewell to Irene and Jasmine, before she drives north.

Elsewhere, when he accepts an invitation to take a TAFE internship on a cruise ship, Ryder has some good news. He is initially uncertain about taking it, saying that in such tumultuous times he can’t leave his friends and relatives. Alf advises him, though, that he should not carry on the pressures of others and he can take the chance to open doors for him in his profession. He makes arrangements to take the internship and leave the Bay as he tests that Bella will be alright.

Share a moment with Tane and Ziggy

With Justin laid up in the hospital and Tane fired for using his office as a platform for his illegal activity, Ziggy is coping with the workload at the store. Tane does not lack a conscience, though, and feels bad that he’s the cause for her stress. He shows up with beer and chips to help her out at her house. Inevitably, Ziggy gets frustrated and lets off the steam from her job. As the night goes on, Ziggy suggests that as it’s late, Tane will collapse on the sofa, and the pair share a moment of chemistry before leaving Tane. Ziggy is left wondering what was going on with them…

A cryptic note is sent by Martha

When they browse their dating applications, Alf has been moved to despair over the persistent pinging of John and Marilyn’s mobile. He complains to Martha about it, and the conversation turns to the experiences she may have had when they were apart. She becomes cagey, and Alf admits that he can’t deal with the thought of someone else being with her.

Martha gets a cryptic message the next day that is obviously unwelcome. She reads the post, panicked-M, we need to talk. Soon, I will be seeing you, Kieran. It’s obvious she’s hiding something major as she manages to hide her warning. Who is Kieran, and is he going to the Bay on his way?

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