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How Home And Away’s Ethan Browne Workout Routine and Secret to his Fitness

Enable us to introduce you if you do not know the name Ethan Browne. The New Zealand-born actor, best known for his role as Zane in the Aussie classic Home and Away, grew up in a “small country town dominated by rugby culture,” only to travel to Australia to fulfil his acting aspirations. Although he is continually showcasing his on-screen talents, it’s hard not to note Browne’s toned physics, something that he has worked hard to retain, understandably.

Fitness and wellbeing have always been a big part of my life. I can recall that I would do push-ups and dumbbells at home as well as do sports at school from as early as age 11, but I was still a skinny boy, so at age 17 I entered my local gym to start weight lifting and I have not stopped since, he explained via email to Women’s Health.

The 29-year-old also reveals his favourite ways to stay fit on Instagram accounts, so we went right to the source to get the lowdown on his schedule, and what a typical day in life looks like.

How does your usual fitness regime look like over a week?

For me, a normal workout week normally consists of 5 weight lifting sessions and 3-4 training sessions for martial arts. I typically follow my own hypertrophy split training schedule where I concentrate on 1-2 muscle groups per exercise, and usually I will have progressed through all the muscle groups by the end of the week so that I will either start again from the start or put in a powerlifting styled training session where I do squats, deadlifts and In one hit, the BIG 3 bench press!

Do you have your best and least favourite workout?

I just can’t pin-point one workout that I don’t like/like. That will be outside of weight lifting and martial arts in terms of the type of training I want to do. I absolutely love martial arts training as it integrates all facets of training into a common discipline – power, cardio, speed, stability, stamina – and builds total structural strength such that you can safely and efficiently use your body. I just like the sensation of heavy weight shifting with weight lifting. When I strike a PB with a bench press or squat, it’s so exciting. It would have to be racing if I got the least favourite workout. I’ll go for a run sometimes, but I just get bored with it.

When filming, does your routine change?

Actually not.I just continue to do as I always did.Train yourself hard and stick to the fundamentals. The only definite improvement is that, because of all the shirtless scenes, I’ve taken up the cardio a little more!

When you have long days on set, how can you fit into the workout?

Before the day starts, I make sure I do it so that I don’t have to think about going out after a long day of filming. I will be in the gym at 4am if we have an early start to get my work finished and dusted.

How can you characterise the theory of your food?

“I used to live with an old Jack Lalanne quote that went something like “Spit it out if it tastes fine! ”. I gave up a little because I love a gorgeous chocolate bar these days, but normally I keep it clean and tidy. Protein-rich ingredients, healthy complex carbs and lots of good fats. I don’t eat a lot of fast food or things containing sugar. At the end of the week, I’ll treat myself to that if I crave it. Yet there’s essentially clean eating all the way across the week.

For you, what does a day on a plate look like?

Breakfast normally consists of 6 eggs (4 whole and 2 white) with spinach, mushrooms and coffee-fried tomatoes. The remainder of the meals for the day usually consist of a protein serving (canned tuna, beef, chicken) and a vegetable serving (broccoli, green beans, sweet potato). I still drink a lot of protein from whey and enjoy my oatmeal.

Health and wellbeing is not just physical, do you think it has significant advantages for mental health?

Completely. Absolutely! That’s one of the key reasons why all these years I’ve continued studying. If I don’t feel 100 percent physically, a successful training session helps rid my head of any rubbish feelings and will still raise my spirits.

To control your mental health and well-being, what else are you doing?

Spending family time is a big deal for me. I enjoy going to NZ and reconnecting with my family back home. I just like reading. A perfect deal. I think that it’s so important to keep studying continuously and keep your mind sharp. Whenever I may, I endeavour to get out of nature. Only to stroll about and practise appreciation for all the simple things in life, whether it be a beautiful park or garden.

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