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Why Home And Away’s Nicholas Cartwright loves playing a police officer


Even on television dramas, a police officer’s life is never easy, but Summer Bay cops have it harder than most.

Constable Cash Newman’s traumas have plagued actor Nicholas Cartwright’s character for the past year, but he’s oddly optimistic about it.

Cartwright laughs, “Every time I get a script and they haven’t killed me at the end of it, I thank my lucky stars.

Cash has recently killed a bikie gang boss, nearly lost his life after being shot, and had his heart torn when his beloved Jasmine (Sam Frost) left him. In addition, he recently learned that the bikie gang had issued a hit against him.


Given what has occurred, it is understandable that Cash’s mental health has suffered, and the young police officer is considerably different now than he was a year ago when he was a stable, responsible person.

The actor describes Cash’s situation thus: “At the beginning, he was really mentally tough and the head of his family but he’s just endured too many beatings, I suppose.”

He isn’t sleeping, has trouble remembering things, and is anxious. He may not be fully aware of how poor his mental state is.

He simply is unaware that it is occurring to him, which explains why he is acting so strangely.


According to Cartwright, the tragedies that have befallen Cash would have an impact on any regular person as well.

With all that has occurred to him, “I think it would be absurd if it hadn’t influenced him in some way.”

The young police officer is back at work, but his personal life is a wreck. He offends Rose (Kirsty Marillier), a fellow police officer, by kissing her while intoxicated, and as a result, he and his sister Felicity become at odds (Jacqui Purvis).

Additionally, a hook-up with band member Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzi), an old flame, does not go as planned.


The actor claims that Cash has no idea how to function as a single man and adds that there is no easy solution to his troubles.

“It simply keeps getting trickier and trickier,”

Cartwright is ecstatic despite the difficulties his character is facing.

The 34-year-old actor, a former Australian Army rifleman who served in East Timor and Afghanistan, is enjoying all the drama the script’s authors are throwing at his character.

When Cartwright was cast, he was aware that the life of a Summer Bay police officer was never simple. Three of Cash’s predecessors, Kat Chapman (Pia Miller), Charlie Buckton (Esther Anderson), and Jack Holden (Paul O’Brien), have passed away, and the policeman Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin), who is taking their places, is currently serving a murder sentence.

I really like it. The authors dragging you upstairs and saying, “Just by the way, we’re going to dump some hardcore things into your character and reconstruct him a little bit” is wonderful, he says, and it’s quite thrilling.


“As actors, we are pleased as the character faces more challenges. Being a part of the high-stakes storylines is fantastic.

According to Cartwright, Home And Away occasionally films action episodes even though the show will always have a soap opera theme.

“And the reason I’m so lucky is because the cops typically end up being involved in those plots, and unlike many other characters on the show, I get to do all the fun episodes — the police chases, the gun work, and anything like that.

I’m really fortunate in that I get to be present nearly every time someone is having fun.

Even while the past year has seen numerous professional high points, Cartwright has also had some of his most unforgettable experiences thanks to Home And Away. This year, he had the opportunity to collaborate on many sequences with his own sister and fellow performer Zara Zoe.

Zoe portrayed Millie, the victim of a vehicle accident that killed her friend and left Dr. Logan Bennett, the other driver, traumatised (Harley Bonner).

According to Cartwright, “it was certainly one of the best moments of my life.” We’ve basically watched each other develop as actors, so working with Zara on the same show was an especially memorable experience for me.

“To be honest, I’m really pleased with myself. I’m incredibly pleased with my job and the way everything is turning out.

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