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Home and Away’s Tane Parata is stabbed in PK storyline


Tane Parata of Home and Away is attacked at Salt in the UK next week, as thugs working for PK wreck havoc at the restaurant.

After Mackenzie Booth refuses to give in to his requests for additional poker evenings, newcomer PK dispatches heavies to exact vengeance.

In the ensuing scenes, Mac plots revenge on PK after he duped her into believing she owed him $100,000.

PK informed Mac that the House had lost and that she owed the players on an earlier poker night at Salt. He claimed to have intervened to pay off her debt, but asked that she sleep with him as “repayment.”


Mac considered succumbing to the heinous demand and paid PK a visit in his hotel room, but he quickly left. Mac’s brother Dean Thompson told her afterwards that the House can’t lose at poker and that PK had duped her.

In the upcoming Channel 5 episodes, Mac resolves to let PK believe that she still owes him money.

Mac makes a pitch to PK, proposing another VIP poker night for which she will pay him the buy-in. In actuality, she intends to earn on her own.

PK insists on a contract that will be far more profitable for him: he will host the poker night himself and keep 100% of the proceeds. Mac refuses to accept this and orders PK to leave her eatery.


Nathan, PK’s associate, arrives to Salt later and urges Mac to do whatever PK desires.

Nathan advises about crossing PK, who is extremely dangerous. Mac refuses to be bullied and orders Nathan to leave.

Two thugs show up at Salt that evening, just as Mac and Dean are about to leave. With a knife in their hands, the invaders instruct Mac to empty the till, and Dean urges her to follow their orders.

As told, Mac and Dean kneel on the ground and watch helplessly as the thugs take money and damage the restaurant, smashing costly liquor bottles.


Tane and Felicity Newman inadvertently become involved in the violence, providing a momentary distraction. This allows Dean to take on one of the goons while Tane goes after the other.

Tane is stabbed in the ensuing altercation, just as the invaders depart. Felicity stands there in disbelief as she sees Tane’s hands and stomach covered in blood — will he be okay?

These scenes will air on Friday, June 24 at 1.15 p.m. on Channel 5 and 6 p.m. on 5STAR.

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